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  1. Make a caption for this gif

  2. Discussion Beautiful Stranger Appreciation Thread

    I think the song is infuenced by the 60's
  3. Best selling female albums of 2017

  4. Make a caption for this gif

    I was bored
  5. Make a caption for this gif

    When you enter the site, you see 20 notifications and 18 of them are new status updates by @*Starlight*, @Princess Aurora and @Chris Morlock jk, love ya
  6. Ashanti is queen

    When I see this name I immediately think of Shanti-Ashtangi
  7. Best selling female albums of 2017

    Not Madonna outsolding Miley, Fifth Harmony and Kelly with Rebel Heart Tour album
  8. Best selling female albums of 2017

    We been knew As we been knew who will have the best selling album at the end of the year, or by the end of the month
  9. Celeb News Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez spotted kissing

  10. Why are Katy's crowds so lit?

    Don't know why but I imagine Madonna in her place I bet she would have drag the shit out of the crowd poor katy tho, she's trying
  11. Review #MonsterListens: Bedtime Stories (1994)

    Where are the ratings of each song?
  12. The difference between Godele and Hitlor...

    So, how big is your house?
  13. Achievement 12 years of COADF

  14. Maybe someday

    When I look back, I'll be able to say

    You didn't mean to be cruel

    Somebody hurt you too  cry8 I feel blue cry8