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  1. Madame X

    I get what i want at the end. Your turn @Madonna
  2. Madame X

    Mirwais posted a FaceApp pic of Madonna. The pic is made by a M fan on twitter and we shared it yesterday on twitter.
  3. Madame X


    One guy on twitter says that he saw the video and that the lyrics will make sense after we all gonna watch it.
  4. Madame X

    Medellín has more interesting flow + is way less generic than Katy's one. You will find more songs similar to Con Calma than Medellín nowadays. Here, i said it.
  5. Madame X

    Neither Maluma.
  6. Did that only in 2 days.
  7. Madame X


    And when i thought your taste couldn't get any worse.
  8. Madame X


    tea. i mean, the last time she sampled Vogue was at the Erotica album. @Madonna Holy Water has many similarities with Erotica apparently.
  9. Madame X


    All her 80's albums sound dated. Like a Prayer too.
  10. Madame X


    Yesterday it got 990k plays. It needed more 400k-500k plays to enter the Global Top 50 playlist. If we ever manage to do that, it will help her a lot. People check Global Top 50 playlist a lot! But it's hard since most of her fanbase refuses to stream.
  11. Madame X


    Sadly they didn't add her. Hope they will. Yesterday they added a promo photo in Times Square in NYC, hope this will help. They song haven't been sent to the radios yet, so nothing is over.