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  1. Madame X


    Not @Lucifer's Angel saying Like a Prayer is a worse album than Like a Virgin and then putting it at #1.
  2. Madame X


    80s Till Death Do Us Part Like a Prayer Open Your Heart Papa Don't Preach True Blue 90s Ray of Light Vogue Swim Secret I'll Remember 00s Don't Tell Me Nobody's Perfect X-Static Process Forbidden Love Push 10s Crazy Devil Pray Extreme Occident Killers Who Are Partying Best Friend
  3. Madame X


    She liked ILNY more than Isaac, nouf said, a clown. Would watch her next reaction video at 144p to match her taste.
  4. Madame X


    Imagine not liking Push instrumental.
  5. Madame X

    She's skinnier in the second pic, and prettier.
  6. Madame X

    Jennifer = wine, Mariah = milk
  7. Madame X

    Madonna haven't too.
  8. No, there are few people living there.
  9. Madame X

    Hope the stans of this specific artist won't get offended.
  10. Finally, she deserves it so much. Time for OTR to gtfo from #1.
  11. Me trying to take my dog for a walk.


  12. She has write 43 songs solo? Is Style aka her best song solo written?
  13. Madame X


    Put Like a Prayer into top 2, Music into top 5, get out of top 5 True Blue and Bedtime Stories and we're fine.
  14. Which feud caused the biggest stanwar this decade?