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    Not BATUKADEIRAS being more than the dancers.
  2. Madame X


    Everyone including Like a Prayer, aren't you tired of this song yet? Most of Medonsters are tired by it, she performed it many times without adding anything new. Only S&S tour version was refreshing.
  3. Madame X


    I'm Madame X intro God Control 4 Minutes Vogue (Pride intro) Human Nature Future Swim What It Feels Like For a Girl (interlude) Easy Ride Extreme Occident Killers Who Are Partying X-Static Process / Sodade Till Death Do Us Part Secret Garden (interlude) Rescue Me Crazy Get Together I Don't Search I Find Bad Girl One More Chance Sanctuary To Have and Not To Hold (interlude) Medellin Don't Tell Me / Rebel Heart mix Angel Lucky Star Where's The Party Come Alive I'm nore sure about the placement of "Swim", i wanted to add it at the first part of the tour cause it seems like the "woke" one, thematically it fits there. I wanted the last part of the tour to have only happy and uplifiting songs tho! Some of her happiest songs are from the 80s and she haven't perform them many times.Vogue is into the setlist only because of the Pride edit, otherwise i wouldn't include, she reinvents this song very successfully, Like a Prayer, La Isla Bonita and Holiday wish!
  4. Madame X


    So he will leave your dumb ass if he finds out a person that is smarter than you?
  5. Madame X

    This is so lame, just don't put the song on the radio then, since the best part is out.
  6. Madame X


    Ho you came in Greece? Where? 1. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Liam 2. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Fletch 3. Government Hooker - Madonna 4. Government Hooker - Chris 5. Scheiße - Ghostface 6. You and I - Merryem 7. The Queen - Madame X 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.
  7. Do we have any pics/videos? She looks like Uma from Pulp Fiction with the wig tho.
  8. That was more of a shade towards to Lady Gaga tbh.
  9. They say be all I can be
    And all I want is peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace


    See the world, haven't seen it
    All I wanna see it's, see it's, see it's, see it's, see it's dreams

  10. Madame X


    Dark Ballet 55 God Control 95 Batuka 70 ( Come Alive 30 Extreme Occident 100 I Don't Search I Find 95
  11. Madame X

    Biggest_Postwhore Chris Morlock - 38 Madame X - 2 Ariana - 12 I Brings That Levity - 6 Freaky Prince - 4 Hew who was it? Hew voted for me?
  12. Madame X

    The Janet Jackson influence..
  13. Madame X

    Not you shading my Top Answer Game season in front of all the FOTP Awards crowd.
  14. Madame X


    imagine not liking sonically Mer Girl, at least she stanned THANTH and liked Swim
  15. what the... who ddid this... jj4 


    1. I Brings That Levity

      Someone who can't spell "between" clearly! wendy1

  16. When she says the last chorus at Cinnamon Girl and the beat changes, reminds me of the Ultraviolence into, iconic.
  17. This is the best thing on the internet. moo3



    1. Agent X

      The one with Xtina's Dirrty and nuns. eve1 

  18. Y'all right. You can see Madonna and Lourdes in them.
  19. Excuse me but where's the similarity besides the long black hair? Or both being white. WHERE?? I can't be that blind.