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    I'm bored and anxious while waiting to listen to the album, so i decided to create the Madame X Big Brother edition from now. You gonna pick songs in 2 days, don't start posting song titles below yet, i'm gonna tag you again when it starts. Comment if you're interested to play and you're not included at the official Madonna Fans taglist yet. RULES: - Players choose a song to represent. - Once each song is represented a random player is chosen to be Head of Household (HOH). - The HOH chooses two songs to be up for eviction. - The players vote on which of the two songs they want to evict. - The song with the most votes to leave is evicted and the other nominee becomes the HOH. - The process repeats until there is a clear winner. SONGS TO PICK Medellín: @Adriano Dark Ballet: @Beyoncé - 14th God Control: @Phoebe Halliwell Future: @Urbanov - 10th Batuka: @Unapologetic Bitch Killers Who Are Partying: @The One Beyond All - 18th Crave: @Venus XCX Crazy: @Madame X Come Alive: @Joanna Extreme Occident: @Madonna -16th Faz Gostoso: @Freaky Prince - 15th Bitch I'm Loca: @Chris Morlock - 17th I Don't Search I Find: @Liam - 11th Looking for Mercy: @NIGHTMARE I Rise: @Ghostface Funana: @Nenifir - 12th Back That Up to the Beat: @AngryAzalean Ciao Bella: @SockBitch - 13rd DON'T let it flop. We got new Madonna fans in the site, you gonna play too.
  2. Madame X


    1. LTTWM - Madame Hoe 2. 3. 4. 5.
  3. Yeah, also God Control shows very "brutal" scenes that not many artists would dare to add in their music videos, even nowadays.
  4. You can see some artists talking about political/social issues but many are scared to do it through their music, maybe they're scared they will lose their popularity idk.
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    Music Video

    Trending on twitter.
  6. Madame X

    Music Video

    I like how she informs you about what you're about to see. And that what you will see, happens in reality too. I got goosebumps.
  7. Goosebumbs omg. fall9


  8. Madame X

    when did she dissed Moo?
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    You can't vote. HOH can't vote sis, you did it the last time too. 01. Back That Up to the Beat - Ghostface 02. Back That Up to the Beat - Joanna 03. Back That Up to the Beat - Madame X 04. I Rise - Phoebe 05. Back That Up to the Beat - Luca 06. 07. 08.
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    01. Back That Up to The Beat - Ghostface 02. Back That Up to the Beat - Joanna 03. Back That Up to the Beat - Madame X 04. I Rise - Phoebe 05. 06. 07. 08.
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    Seems like @Urbanov isn't coming to the Future. @Unapologetic Bitch is the new HOH and... Vote for the song you want to eliminate. 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08.
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    Music Video

    They have age restricted option.
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    Music Video

    Why her boobs looked blurred?
  14. Is based on the Pulse tragedy so people will start screaming again how "she's using something" to get a hit and not at the meaning.
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    @Unapologetic Bitch next nominations.
  16. It just broke a record as the song that blocked the most songs from reaching #1. • Post Malone - Wow. • Taylor Swift (ft. Brendon Urie) - ME! • Shawn Mendes - If I Can’t Have You • Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don’t Care • Billie Eilish - Bad Guy • Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down Next one: Shawn Mende & Camila Cabello - Señorita A power bottom just blocked Taylor Swift (twice), Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber from reaching #1, 3 of the biggest selling forces of the 2010s. LGBTQ history.
  17. Madame X

    With new music. She looks like Whitney and the name looks like hers too, wth.
  18. Badly written? Is a simple written song that gives you instantly the meaning that she wants to give you.
  19. I spent 44 minutes watching him driving...


    1. Madonna

      New York is not for little pussies who scream rav1 

    2. Madame X

      I can stand the heat. rav1

    3. AngryAzalean

      Wow I didn't watch all of it but that was very calming cloud1

  20. Madame X

    No, because i think their voices could work well together. They also both love 60s/70s music and artists from there like Nina Simone and Elvis Presley, same tastes. what was the second time?
  21. Madame X

    I can see Madonna working only with Lana Del Rey, maybe Rihanna too but i don't think their voices will fit well together, but hew knows.
  22. Madame X

    Omg Mariah has work with Nicki Minaj too, please. Justin Bieber too, please. And Boyz II Men when they were the hottest group in US, pleaseee.
  23. Madame X

    1 month left to reach Mariah's record