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    2021 sounds like a safe time to release it.
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    Don't know, Rihanna is coming too.
  3. They were angels with dirty faces 'Til they fell from somebody's graces They were soldiers without a mission But they were angels They had a vision



  4. They lie. They were pressed to each other for years. They didn't even want to see each other at Live 8 in 2005.
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    Celeb News

    Worst track is Shoo-Bee-Doo, the rest album is good.
  6. @Madonna when he sees Scooter
  7. Wth Full article: https://www.asiatimes.com/2016/11/article/north-korea-supporter-madonna-caused-soviet-union-collapse/
  8. ..at being problematic and annoying. Why 95% of the female rappers are like that? Lizzo acting like a clown diva after getting a #1, like chile, you ain't gonna get another one.
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    Taylor. And i bullied him on instagram, not twitter. I also promoted Madame X at the comment section.
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    The superior taste! A f*g lives inside the body of Lana Del Rey and that's why we stan.
  11. Their most famous songs, which one do you think is more popular and well known by the GP nowadays tho?
  12. She shouldn't perform and re-record her songs. By letting her perform only if she agrees to not record anything, it shows that he knows he will not get many $$$ by her anymore and he's scared.
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    Add me queen.
  14. That was too much, a slap or something not so dangerous would've been better. But she asked for it and she deserved it so idc.
  15. Régine Filange

    Thriller isn't his most popular song. Yes, one of the most famous songs ever, i've seen GJWHF many times in movies, tv shows, commercials etc.
  16. Régine Filange

    GJWHF is the most well known song ever tbh, prove me wrong.
  17. Régine Filange

    As personalities, both are garbage but ngl, Nicki gets more hated by the GP cause she's a woman. Straight fans are worse than gay fans, they gonna support their fave artist even if he does a crime but they will drag everyone else who will do the same so...
  18. Régine Filange

    Thank you Selena Gomez for saving pop music when no other 2010s pop girl couldn't!
  19. Laughing in a TV show for slapping a woman, and then sleeping with her husband, this is disgusting in so many levels. Imagine the GP reaction if Madonna was saying it She didn't tho but somehow she's again the rude one, cause that's how people want to make her look. The funny thing is that everyone who called her rude, has say more vile things than her, as this bitch. I bet they're part of the #MeToo movement.
  20. What scares me is thinking for how many hours she was waiting there to fart.