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  1. Margerine Flange

    Rihanna the best. Britney, Beyonce or Kesha must smell worse than this forum. Voted for Kesha.
  2. Margerine Flange

    Cause it's her lead single for a new studio album after 4 years, people talking about it =/= chart success. Madonna's 'Medellin' trendd worldwide on twitter and made headlines in sites but still flopped. Katy's Witness lead single too, flopped for her standards.

    1. I Brings That Levity

      She later went to the Cafe with Cher.



  4. Margerine Flange

    for the same reason @Gilly has been dragging madonna 24/7 in this site
  5. Margerine Flange

    Never Really Over by Katy Perry LMs were dragging it for 'flopping' while it debuted at top 15 as a solo song and without promo, let's see how much higher will Stupid Love chart.
  6. Margerine Flange

    it will be kii if it charts lower tha NRO, which got dragged by LMs
  7. Margerine Flange

    Sad cause i had high expectations and was waiting for FameGags but happy cause that's what most Little Bullies deserve.

    1. Sleep Deprived

      I actually wheezed

    2. Margerine Flange

      I almost peed myself when i saw the vid.


  9. Margerine Flange

    I didn't know there were men older than 20 who like Selena
  10. Margerine Flange


    That's what you get when you steal the Parthenon Marbles.
  11. Margerine Flange

    Get R9 Out (of Riri's computer) The Ghetto Case of Cardi B - A Nicki Minaj film
  12. Margerine Flange


    Their music is happy and makes me good. There's not a happier song than Dancing Queen.mp3
  13. https://salty-beach-42139.herokuapp.com/?time-range=long_term