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  1. Margerine Flange

    What? Onlt 2-3 songs are something different. The rest songs could fit every other album he released.
  2. Margerine Flange


    Good in Bed - Phoebe Boys Will Be Boys - Madonna Good In Bed - Freaky Prince Good In Bed - Fletch Good In Bed - LÉON Good In Bed - Ghostface Boys Will Be Boys - Andres Boys Will Be Boys - Margerine Flange
  3. What's your opinion about the album? I think ppl overrate it a bit, the only songs i liked a lot were Alone Again, Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes, Save Your Tears. The last two cause he finally tried something else. Tracks 9 - 11 are excellence. The rest was cute, classic Weeknd, nothing exciting. I swear the way he sang sounded the same in 5-6 songs, wth. I was trying so hard to not skip them. I think it's time for him to evovle as an artist.
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  5. Margerine Flange


    I can't stand the quarantine anymore. I'm forced to listen to all the crazy stories my father and brother talk about EACH day, 24/7. From believing that the virus is created by the government to end us all, to being a warning by Jesus and that the second coming is indeed coming soon. I just CAN'T anymore, i'm stucked with the wrong people, it's driving me crazy. This is me all day, literally:
  6. Margerine Flange


    mOrE pEOplE dIE cAuSE oF FlU eACh yEar
  7. i'm levitating


  8. Margerine Flange


    Now that i listend to the album i want Love Again. @Ghostface agrees to change it with Future Nostalgia thanks
  9. Margerine Flange


    Love Again Physical Don't Start Now Hallucinate Future Nostalgia Levitating Pretty Please Good in Bed Boys Will Be Boys Break My Heart Cool Love Again deserved to be a single more than Break My Heart
  10. Margerine Flange


    Love Again instrumental amazes me idk why
  11. Margerine Flange

  12. jj4jj4jj4


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    2. LÉON

      nicki5 It's week two AT MOST for the majority of people on lockdown and insanity is already setting in

    3. SHANE

      these conspiracy theorists’ stories are so inconsistent and keep changing as they spread them, it’s so weird. Apparently the US has arrests out for Oprah, Ellen, Madonna... I’m like wtf there’s 0 chance that’s true nicki5

    4. Margerine Flange

      Madonna naming one of her albums hard candy and singing about fried fish and pasta at an IG video few days ago are -according to them- codes about ped*philia, those are their receipts nicki5 If you drag them they will be like 'you soon gonna see the truth and the light'. I mean bitch show me the truth right now, stop using this same excuse for 100 years. nicki5 

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    Waiting for the official release
  14. Margerine Flange


    Future Nostalgia
  15. The way this was one of my least faves and it went up to top 5 the last week. #MadameXAgingLikeFineWine


    1. Madonna

      For me it went even further down. The song is basic as tap water.

    2. ParentalAdvisory

      this or Crazy shouldve been the lead