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  1. Margerine Flange

    Best: Ultraviolence Rebel Heart Prism thank u, next 1989 Worst Joanne MIAM Bionic Britney Jean Warrior
  2. That snap...


  3. Margerine Flange

    Yet Stupid Love leaked in the highest quality, whoever did it could possibly have more tea to leak.
  4. Margerine Flange


    I don't know why she doesn't just change the show for few days. Or maybe for the rest tour. Sit down and don't dance hoe.
  5. Margerine Flange

    And they say Rebel Heart didn't have any impact
  6. Margerine Flange


    I don't always watch their movies but i'm interested in: -Leonardo DiCaprio -Meryl Streep -Joaquin Phoenix -Scarlett Johansson -Emma Watson -Bill Skarsgard -Chris Evans Directors -Tim Burton
  7. Margerine Flange

    My grandma is older but she doesn't smell bad but anywayz Even better
  8. Margerine Flange

    Rihanna the best. Britney, Beyonce or Kesha must smell worse than this forum. Voted for Kesha.
  9. Margerine Flange

    Cause it's her lead single for a new studio album after 4 years, people talking about it =/= chart success. Madonna's 'Medellin' trendd worldwide on twitter and made headlines in sites but still flopped. Katy's Witness lead single too, flopped for her standards.
  10. Margerine Flange

    for the same reason @Gilly has been dragging madonna 24/7 in this site
  11. Margerine Flange

    Never Really Over by Katy Perry LMs were dragging it for 'flopping' while it debuted at top 15 as a solo song and without promo, let's see how much higher will Stupid Love chart.
  12. Margerine Flange

    it will be kii if it charts lower tha NRO, which got dragged by LMs