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  1. I'm a proud fag, what they gonna do about it? I'm waiting.
  2. I see people talking about it a lot lately and they say that is an anti-LGBTQ community that will "harass" gays online from June 1, by trying to hack social media accounts and leak their info. What the hell? Chile...
  3. Moira O'Hara

    Well, there's a reason it's considered one of the few highlights of the album. It's "inspired" by the greatest pop artist of all time. Also, no one said Madonna invented house, but she's credited for making it mainstream and popular. AllMusic: https://www.allmusic.com/album/best-of-house-music-vol-4-future-house-mw0000618395 Pitchfork: https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/a-brief-history-of-house-pop-inspired-by-robyns-honey/ AllMusic and Pitchfork are reliable sources, hope you'll not try to discredit them too.
  4. Moira O'Hara

    Not you quoting my post before the edit. Can't wait for the next season tho. I loved being the host, but its more fun when you play.
  5. Moira O'Hara

    I know, i'm shook. I thought i wouldn't manage to top the first round! I pulled a Madonna.
  6. Moira O'Hara

    PM or tag @RihannaRTT when you decide what are you going to do with your prizes! Also, @fab since you're the winner, you have the opportunity to host the next TAG season!
  7. Moira O'Hara

    Thank you queen!
  8. Moira O'Hara

    @Royale you win 1 month VIP and @fab 2 month VIP. Congratulations! I think you can gift it to someone else if you don't wanna use it. @Jae for example x
  9. Moira O'Hara

    Ok goodnight thanks for joining!
  10. Moira O'Hara

    #3 (RE): @RihannaRTT with 286 points
  11. Moira O'Hara

    #4 (+1): @Jae with 282 points You were at #5 but the bonus question saved you.
  12. Moira O'Hara

    #5 (NEW): @Sean with 273 points
  13. Moira O'Hara

    Let's move to the Top Ten: @Ghostface with 238 points @Royalty with 240 points @Chris Morlock with 243 points @Simón. with 243 points @Kristina with 263 points Congrats for entering top ten without bonus questions! We love geniuses!
  14. Moira O'Hara

    Few members managed to rise a bit in the overall ranking, by winning few bonus questions of the last round! Top Fifteen: @Phoebe with 195 points @Urbanov with 203 points @Billie Frank with 204 points @Earth Ripper with 214 points @SeekingThrill with 234 points Well done ladies!
  15. Moira O'Hara

    THE BOTTOM THREE LEGENDS ARE: @Tahj with 125 points @mylifelies with 151 points @LÉON with 165 points
  16. Moira O'Hara

  17. Moira O'Hara

    You couldn't win it even if you were first answer. You're allowed to win only 2 in each round.
  18. Moira O'Hara

    Congrats legend. +10 points for you!
  19. Moira O'Hara

    Fifth Bonus Question One of the most famous musicians of all time died while pooping. Who was it?
  20. Moira O'Hara

    I forgot how kii the last bonus question is
  21. Moira O'Hara

  22. Moira O'Hara

    Ikr? I'm a very religious person and i just stole it from my grandma 5 years ago.
  23. Moira O'Hara

    A wild animal you would like to have as a pet? Tiger - 4 Lion - 3 Snake - 2 Owl - 1 Red Panda - 1 Puma - 1 Chris Pratt's dique - 1 6i9ine - 1 Kristina - 1 Sperm Whale - 1