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  1. Moira O'Hara


    Joe Jonas - 15 Lucas Till - 10 - Taylor Lautner - 20 Jake Gyllenhaal - 55 Harry Styles - 40+ Tom Hiddleston - 50- Joe Alwyn - 85 +
  2. Moira O'Hara


    Ariola trying it with Tom Joe Jonas - 15 Lucas Till - 15 Taylor Lautner - 20 - Jake Gyllenhaal - 55+ Harry Styles - 35 Tom Hiddleston - 55- Joe Alwyn - 80
  3. Moira O'Hara


    We can do it with performances, lead singles, worst songs, eras, kids etc.
  4. Moira O'Hara


    01 1,018,000 Into the Groove 02 968,000 Like a Virgin 03 950,000 Holiday 04 909,000 Like a Prayer 05 815,000 Crazy for You 06 773,000 Hung Up 07 748,000 Papa Don't Preach 08 707,000 Vogue 09 669,000 4 Minutes 10 622,000 True Blue UK sales estimations from Buzzjack (including streams). Finally a million seller single, and it seems she will have 3 more million sellers in the next few years.
  5. Moira O'Hara


    When i heard the first seconds i literally sang "my baby used to dance underneath my architecture"
  6. Moira O'Hara


    Wait i just realized the albums come 2 days before my birthday.
  7. Moira O'Hara


    Joe Jonas - 25 - Lucas Till - 20 Taylor Lautner - 30 John Mayer - 25 Jake Gyllenhaal - 40 + Harry Styles - 25+ Calvin Harris - 15 Tom Hiddleston - 45- Joe Alwyn - 50
  8. Moira O'Hara


    Yeah, I don't have a problem. Do i have to be in charge of something in the thread?
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  10. Moira O'Hara


    I saw it randomly on TikTok and i wanted to make it instantly a gif.
  11. Wig but what is the connection?
  12. Moira O'Hara

    You just mentioned one song that got supported by a big movie and a song that gets played every Xmas. I don't deny their popularity but they got supported a lot to gain this level of success, didn't they? If you put down their rest singles Madonna wins by far tho, she has plently of singles that sold 2/3/4/5 million physical copies. And few 6 million singles too, and none of them was supported by a big movie or idk. You do realize that a single with 6 million physical sales equals a single that sold more than 12 million copies in the music industry of today? If not more. Does Whitney and Mariah have multiple singles that did so well? Also, a song doing great in the digital/streaming era doesn't mean it has longevity or legacy. There are many forgotten songs of the last decade that "technically" sold a lot more copies than Like a Virgin, but none of them is mentioned in multiple iconic movies (Shrek, Moulin Rouge!, Reservoir Dogs) and very well known books (IT) as Like A Virgin. That's culture impact, a greater success than 1 or 2 more million copies.
  13. Moira O'Hara

    Are you saying Hard Candy didn't age but Music did? Music production sounds fresh.
  14. Moira O'Hara

    Celeb News

    She's pregnant.
  15. Moira O'Hara


    Yes, each section has to reach a specific number of monthly posts to stay. I think 170 posts, i'm not sure tho. Yes, serve me some good graphics as the Lana megarate ones.