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  1. Cause Poker Face is much more catchier than Bad Romance.
  2. Shego


    This isn't BGs.
  3. Shego


  4. Shego


    @Entea i just needed a catchy title, don't mind me
  5. Next step is finding his secret room inspired by Saw.
  6. can't believe people use makeup even for their hands jj4


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    2. LÉON

      rih6 Like this gif baffles me, why would I moisturise my shoulders? jj4

    3. Kirjava

      It's not even moisturizer, it's body glitter. dead2

    4. LÉON

      jj4 Why would I want to put glitter... on my body... when in any other scenario I would be so pissed off if even one speck of glitter touched my precious skin? jj4

  7. They tried to reupload it but youtube banned it for a reason and they changed it back to the old upload, you couldn't enter the video for a day. They uploaded Super Bowl instead then. Hope they will fix the JML problem cuz i wanna see it remastered.
  8. the coming soon was last friday
  9. Shego

    Omg i remember my friends doing that "Nosa Nosa Asi voce Me mata" dance back in 2011, the nostalgia jumpedT out.
  10. Shego


    swan song
  11. you really want me to start a new madonna vs mariah season in BGs dontcu
  12. tbh i don't really believe all the rumors, there's no way a famous person would use his official account to write so many dumb things
  13. Hope you all know the latest rumos about Armie Hammer, don't make me post it
  14. Shego

    Yeah cuz the majority of the people that drag her are rotting at their house 24/7 and follow all the rules since March.
  15. Shego


    All her 80's work, most of her 90s work, Hard Candy, MDNA sound dated. Sound dated doesn't equal being bad. Rebel Heart is has some of her best lyrics, it's a decent record.