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  1. Srsl i'm tired of her saying she doesn't care about sales and then post tweets about sold out shows, youtube views or charted songs
  2. @GiveMeAguaga'sIPAddress fall9

    @Agugaga you in danger gurl, be careful fall9

  3. Game

    I'll send them now Let me fill it with 1s
  4. No but I'll create one now
  5. @Kaulitz. I'm living for this. currently reading a lot too
  6. JLo is overrated af She's just a good dancer, nothing else At least she has some good make up skills and still kinda relevant to IG yet, nowhere else
  7. Lorde's tour in Russia will make Russia a less racist place or will have any impact there? Even if she cancels it.. The same goes for the Tel Avi show Let's not, leave her alone
  8. Madonna has her own style of performing and that's the most important thing She has do things no one else did Also, her connection with the crowd in her shows is unique, that's my favorite part in her shows, when she stops the music and talks to the crowd
  9. P.S. Dancing faster doesn't make you a better dancer Madonna's Vogue performance at the Re-Invention Tour for example, has a difficult choreo with many moves, isn't that fast but still HARD as you mentioned I'm not saying Britney can't dance btw P.P.S. I know only 1 member here who will lose at this He's a gerontophile tho
  10. Music Video

    I liked the effect of the iPhone The outfit still extra for this place, which still beautiful