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  1. Game

    Madonna Lady Gaga Britney Rihanna Beyonce Lana Del Rey Mariah
  2. This is amazing yas2


  3. Performance

    why you hoe?
  4. ...of Take a Bow? Cause I love it, one of the best covers of hers
  5. Actually Madonna was about to release a collab with Tupac in 1994, one year before Mariah did it. But it wasn't released cause Tupak had problems with his personal life ..I think My point is that the queen thought about it and was ready to do it first EDIT: The released version has Meshell Ndegeocello instead of 2pac, he's a rapper. Queen actually did THIS first too. I'm shook
  6. That's what someone mentioned in a comment before I don't know the prices cause I don't really care about their hideous clothes
  7. shocked?
  8. By different case I mean their music, without that meaning Camila has bad music
  9. Did Lady Gaga had any bigger hit than Poker Face tho? And they are different cases
  10. I think Camila already got her biggest hit, we will not see anything more successful than her I don't know the other girl tho
  11. He's jealous for not giving $160 for a jacket? Most of people wouldn't
  12. The pics of Beyonce, Rihanna etc are among their worst dressed moments ever Kenzo is pure shite and i'm not suprised no one knows it 'Money' doesn't always match with 'good aesthetics' I see
  13. Celeb News

    The Hot 100 bitch