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  1. Régine Filange

    Only if JLo is the top.
  2. Régine Filange

    I used to listen to few songs by her but i srsl can't stand her anymore, she looks so desperate for fame. I'm happy her new album failed to sell more than 100k copies the first week, maybe she finally wake up. Her team promoting her everywhere isn't going to help either. They tought they will be the new Selena + Justin and get free #1s out of nowhere. Dua Lipa is going to be the next main pop girl as she should.
  3. When Mariah used to be popular too.
  4. Well if we go based on streams, Bitch I'm Madonna has more than ABMB. On Youtube its 140 million higher. If only streaming defines the popularity of a song, then i don't lie. BIM > ABMB Also, i'm pretty sure Like a Prayer and La Isla Bonita, especially the second one, have more streams than ABMB. Bored to check right now. There's a whole movie based in a Madonna music video too, Bedtime Story suddenly a popular Madonna song, tea. Also, few covers on the Voice doesn't mean anything, Madonna have been covered on the Voice too. Madonna's music have been mentioned in many popular movies/TV shows, that are wayyy more well known than the Voice, like Friends, Reservoir Dogs, Shrek etc.
  5. Billboard 100 this week. #8 (+21) Rockin' Around the Christmss Tree, Brenda Lee suddenly a streaming force all by herself, everyone stans https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100?rank=8
  6. Régine Filange

    I just learned that Madonna have been mentioned on Friends too, Phoebe at one scene says "Rachel, this is so Papa Don't Preach". At the episode where Rachel reveals to her father that she's pregnant, Friends fans will know the episode.
  7. Régine Filange


    Survival vs. Drowned World / Substitute for Love Secret vs. Swim I'd Rather Be Your Lover vs. Ray of Light Don't Stop vs. Candy Perfume Girl Inside of Me vs. Skin Human Nature vs. Nothing Really Matters Forbidden Love vs. Sky Fits Heaven Love Tried to Welcome Me vs. Shanti / Ashtangi Sanctuary vs. Frozen Bedtime Story vs. The Power of Good-Bye Take a Bow vs. To Have and Not to Hold Let Down Your Guard vs. Little Star Your Honesty vs. Mer Girl Love Won't Wait vs. Has to Be
  8. Régine Filange

    Madonna's channel received 300 million views just from 2 La Isla Bonita videos the last 1.5 year. If it keeps going like that it could get the same amount of views in 1.5 year from now. More than AIWFCIY yearly views. I posted a tweet which shows that her rest videography is getting bigger too, she will not have a problem reaching Mariah, the gap will be smaller in the next months. In 20 days from now, Madonna will be having more daily views than Mariah for 11 months again, so...
  9. Régine Filange

    What do you mean? Its getting 300k+ views per day since 2018 summer.
  10. Régine Filange

    Every M video is getting more and more views each day. The Power of Goodbye went from 20k to 55k per day in some weeks. Even flop songs as Veras are getting 3k views per day now. Its her time to rise and shine on Youtube. Can't wait for the kiis.
  11. Régine Filange

    The duplicates got deleted 2 months ago and her channel is rising each day since then, making the gap of the daily views between her and Moo even bigger. Look what happened yesterday. She's coming for Moo sooner than what you think.
  12. Régine Filange

    And haters say that her channel being a mess wasn't the reason she had low views.. look how much she's rising each day now.