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  1. Can someone make these 4 gifs a big 1 please? jj4 

    tumblr_mtnub2MhMy1sjxcj3o1_250.gif tumblr_mtnub2MhMy1sjxcj3o2_250.gif

    tumblr_mtnub2MhMy1sjxcj3o3_250.gif tumblr_mtnub2MhMy1sjxcj3o4_250.gif


    1. Dr. Slay

      I tried to put it together but unfortunately, the original gif maker changed around the positions of the gif before they cropped it jj4


    2. Régine Filange

      I'm gonna try to cut them and i'm gonna post them tomorrow.

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  3. Régine Filange

    Or maybe Adele is done with the ballads. Mariah and Lana are doing low-tempo songs too, but that haven't stop them from doing collavorations with rappers.
  4. Régine Filange

    No1currs about the Grammys, they lost their value years ago. I think Adele likes Nicki's music so idk. maybe its true.
  5. Régine Filange

    alluring appealing charming cute dazzling delicate delightful elegant exquisite fascinating fine good-looking gorgeous graceful grand handsome lovely magnificent marvelous pleasing pretty splendid stunning superb wonderful admirable angelic beauteous bewitching classy comely divine enticing excellent fair foxy ideal nice pulchritudinous radiant ravishing refined resplendent shapely sightly statuesque sublime symmetrical taking well-formed
  6. Régine Filange

    The only thing Farti D had but Nicki didn't. Now she gonna get it too, Farti D stans will no longer have something to brag about their ghetto fave.
  7. Greek Queen of Pop snapped cry6 


  8. Régine Filange

    Oh wow, i know you gonna appreciate it even more.
  9. Régine Filange


    Erotica lowkey one of the best covers ever.
  10. Régine Filange


    I'm Breathless - 6.5 / Erotica - 7.5 Gurl can't you just make a taglist of all the members who are playing, and copy-pasting at each round so everyone will vote again?
  11. Régine Filange

    General News

    Can we just get a solo Catwoman movie????
  12. Régine Filange

    Medellín vs. I Forgot That You Existed Dark Ballet vs. Cruel Summer God Control vs. Lover Future vs. The Man Batuka vs. The Archer Killers Who Are Partying vs. I Think He Knows Crave vs. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince Crazy vs. Paper Rings Come Alive vs. Cornelia Street Extreme Occident vs. Death by a Thousand Cuts Faz Gostoso vs. London Boy Bitch I'm Loca vs. Soon You'll Get Better I Don't Search I Find vs. False God Looking for Mercy vs. You Need to Calm Down I Rise vs. Afterglow Funana vs. ME! Back That Up to the Beat vs. It's Nice to Have a Friend Ciao Bella vs. Daylight Madame X: 18 Stover: 0