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  1. the only good thing about it is the notes at the beginning, other than that it's not something different, just mariah repeating ariana's lyrics
  2. do i rank each song or each team of songs in my list?
  3. Send them first again as usual, that's why i flop, i don't think about it a lot
  4. so taylor's whole discography is out thanks to the rule
  5. now i really have to sit and listen to every track cuz all of them are
  6. i think i'm gonna slay in this round even if i needed 30 seconds to pick the most random song from my spotify liked songs
  7. how am i supposed to find an artist that hasn't charted anywhere? even in hiw own country
  8. you could have asked for a one-word song that end with vowel, make it a bit harder, like-
  9. girl you tell me to hurry up when every song i pick is taken
  10. cant blame her (i havent listened to the album)