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  1. Ghostface said that romance was dead And I believed it instead Of remembering what my mama told me
  2. found someone who likes lana del rey, the beatles, mick jagger, lady gaga , madonna, taylor swift and bts at the same time true1

    1. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      Still not as bad as a certain FOTPer stanning both Rihanna and Chris Brown though. mad8

    2. Mr. Mendes

      Mr. Mendes

      Cut out BTS and this is basically me

  3. y'all really stan so hard all these people or you just like them but you put them in the stan bar? mine:
  4. It's bad in general cause if someone don't like you he can start spamming dislikes in every post of you and reduce your tweets visibility. Even tho the dislike wouldn't be visible to us.
  5. its annoying but stans have manipulating the charts a lot the past few years, not just BTS also their song has 80 million plays and 180 million views so you cannot say they don't get streamed, this isn't the first number-one that not many know how it sounds, i can name many number-ones from the last years that i don't know how they sound

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      It's a bit off-key but it's working clap3 

  7. not FOTP getting a hit tweet with marina today oprah5

  8. I doubt she will be big as they expect her to be