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  1. jj4jj4jj4


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    2. LÉON


      nicki5 It's week two AT MOST for the majority of people on lockdown and insanity is already setting in

    3. SHANE


      these conspiracy theorists’ stories are so inconsistent and keep changing as they spread them, it’s so weird. Apparently the US has arrests out for Oprah, Ellen, Madonna... I’m like wtf there’s 0 chance that’s true nicki5

    4. Shego


      Madonna naming one of her albums hard candy and singing about fried fish and pasta at an IG video few days ago are -according to them- codes about ped*philia, those are their receipts nicki5 If you drag them they will be like 'you soon gonna see the truth and the light'. I mean bitch show me the truth right now, stop using this same excuse for 100 years. nicki5