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  1. i'm so confused how this works, drake has 362.3 million units but claimed sales are only 170m?
  2. working on tour DVD? more like ruining it even tho i think she's working on something else too
  3. And they still unknown artists cause the cover overshadowed their own version. There are many popular songs that are covers and the artists that created them aren't well known to the people, isn't it sad for them?
  4. tbh no i also don't really like when covers have more success than the original song, imagine being the guy who recorded the original song
  5. When sun is rising, LORDe is rising too!
  6. Thankfully Lorde can produce too, has ideas too, and made the song bearable. I bet she bullied Jack Antonoff when he tried to sat in that damn piano as he always does. She said 'not this time ph@g'.