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  1. Why would you feel uncomfortable with a teacher?
  2. I honestly think Doja's album will perform very good during the first week. I think the announcement of his album release date came after Doja's, so he could've pick another date since the beginning if he was doing what you said he's doing
  3. They were brave at first but they really got scared of Doja Cat after seeing Paint The Town Red eating the charts up
  4. No more troll account for IG, made a new one, if you're a fotp bestie, drop your ig @ to follow u antm1

  5. A 10/10 record if you think about it, it's trew
  6. Prisoner by Miley and Dua really one of the best 2020s songs katy1

  7. Too busy lately i can't even post something here brit2

    1. hungrybutyes


      Gurl you're not the only one ny10


      My job kept requiring us to work for 10-11 hours a day because we needed to finish requests even after our shift. rip3

  8. Same word repeated twice should not be counted as a whole point #MaxIsOver
  9. Add me but idk if i could make it on time for the rounds
  10. Probably will sample Like a Prayer and Madonna is credited. But i'm here for her Hot 100 comeback
  11. Most of her stuff the last decades sound demoish, but good to bop sometimes
  12. the room is so big, we need to rob her
  13. Not top two getting announced at the bottom of the page, as the last comment
  14. not me missing my safe double points with the special answer. did any of you see who was number-one in the scoer when you asnwered?
  15. wait i got so many top answers in this round omg