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  1. i think in the remaster they made the colors a little bit more bright so you can see more details, in frozen too
  2. few of them were dragging her for no actual reason () 2 days ago on twitter tho
  3. yesterday a fag from an UK show called madonna "an old whiny barmaid, satan & she-man" live in his show. that's how an actual sexist comment looks. where's the energy about fighting sexism now? 90% of them don't even care about sexism, they care about taylor's headlines.
  4. Vogue vs. Iconic Nobody Knows Me vs. Bitch I'm Madonna Frozen vs. Burning Up American Life vs. Holy Water/Vogue Express Yourself vs. Devil Pray Burning Up vs. Body Shop Material Girl vs. True Blue Hanky Panky vs. Deeper and Deeper Deeper and Deeper vs. HeartBreakCity/Love Don't Live Here Anymore Die Another Day vs. Like a Virgin Lament vs. Living for Love Nothing Fails vs. La Isla Bonita Don't Tell Me vs. Latin Medley Like a Prayer vs. Who's That Girl Mother and Father vs. Rebel Heart Imagine vs. Music Into the Groove vs. Candy Shop Papa Don't Preach vs. Material Girl Crazy f
  5. oprah15 


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      Stop promoting cultural appropriation!

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      girl let me enjoy a music video that everyone knows by which culture was inspired

    4. Madonna


      THE QUALITY IS FUCKING AMAZING! I've never seen the video in such crisp and clear quality. WOW.

  6. "before I released "Sweet but Psycho" I never thought they were going to compare me to Lady Gaga ... I thought they were going to compare me to Mariah Carey, but they just pay attention to look & I think this is not very cool, you know, just compare women." this looks like a hidden shade
  7. When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing
  8. i mean, they're well known songs, ppl recognize them when they start playing, i don't expect them to know who sang them or idk tho girl stop with the madonna mentions i was bored