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  1. Expetriates are a mess and they wont get effected by Erdogan so they are doing that shit without thinking Also they were the provincial part of the Turkey before they went to Germany so Shouldnt wait much from them. They even not trying to modernise in Germany They are like "I'm still in my village!"
  2. Most of the Turkish citizens are mad at him because of that EU relationship mess but he tricks the poor people with religion and financial support
  3. He must revive and save us from that pig Best reformist president ever Rest in peace. His adopted daughter was the first female pilot on Earth. Turkish women had right to vote and to be elected in 1933. Slay
  4. EU should have accepted Turkey in something around 2010. Turkey was pretty modern and providing the conditions. They did otherization to Turkey. Turkey has done a lot to be in EU. It provides more conditions more than most of the European countrys tho. Especially the Balkan countries. But in 2017 EU is right to dont agree with Erdogan. He is getting bitchier everyday to get some votes from bigot people Hope he fails in the referendum #PrayForTurkey
  5. Exactly this! Erdogan is a mess and I am not supporting him in anyway @Justin Bieber
  6. Btw we are in trouble with ISIS and PKK for a lot of years. Media should focus on that too actually Feeling really sorry for London but also we lost more than 200 people in 2016 because of that fucking terrorists. Please do not judge Turkey with Erdogan We are also the victims
  7. This Right-wing has fucked up our modern country
  8. Except the demo sound it is amazing