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  1. I am sorry Hope you are fine now
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    Amazing sales. She needs a new successful single to keep good numbers.
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    It is a tie for me so LWYMMD wins because of the music video
  4. Such a diva Whitney would be proud
  5. I did something bad End game Delicate
  6. Celeb News

    Welcome to the forum Btw she really is getting ready for ha comeback
  7. Witness vs. Ready For It Hey Hey Hey vs. End Game Roulette vs. I Did Something Bad Swish Swish vs. Don't Blame Me Déjà Vu vs. Delicate Power vs. LWYMMD Mind Maze vs. So It Goes... Miss You More vs. Gorgeous CTTR vs. Getaway Car Tsunami vs. King of My Heart Bon Appétit vs. DWOHT Bigger Than Me vs. Dress Save As Draft vs. TIWWCHNT Pendulum vs. Call It What You Want Into Me You See vs. New Year's Day Rep: 9 Wit: 3 Tie: 2