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  1. Passenger would be one of Britney's best songs if she actually sung it oprah4

    1. jacs vs looser

      jacs vs looser

      Now, don't be mean! She sings as much in that song as any other featured artist does. 

  2. Hi friends! I miss y'all. Hopefully my power isn't out for more than two weeks after this hurricane. Hopefully everything will be okay afterwards too. 

    1. Chris


      oh king oprah4 i hope youre safe oprah4 

    2. ChrisX


      @Chris Morlock I should be okay I'm pretty far west from the coast so I won't have much flooding and all of my shutters are up jj2

    3. Chris
  3. Hey gals sass5

    1. Sine


      Hey, welcome! hug1

    2. ChrisX


      @Halcyon it's been like forever and a half since I've been here lmao

  4. Wow haven't been in on in forever. Hope whoever I know that's still on here is doing well :)

  5. A lot of Madonna's best songs are her 2nd singles. kesha4

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    2. ChrisX


      Really cause Burning Up, Material Girl, Papa Don't Preach, Express Yourself, Deeper and Deeper, Take a Bow, Ray of Light, Don't Tell Me, Hollywood, Sorry, Girl Gone Wild demi1 @#MusicNotTheBling

    3. #Music


      kesha4 leave the forum kesha4 delete your account kesha4 Express Yourself is one of her best songs, but nowhere near the best song of the 1000-2000 millenium! oprah11 Hollywood slays too, but American Life is a masterpiece oprah11

    4. ChrisX
  6. Ellie was incredible last night brit2 I miss it so much already.

    Also, Delirium is SO underrated.

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    2. ChrisX


      Thanks sis! antm1

    3. Hyun.


      Glad you had fun too! Delirium gets dismissed way too often, it slays so hard. oprah4

    4. Andres


      this tea! tea2yas2 

  7. ATRL is looking so good brit0 @Hylia you can go back on the beta now jj2

  8. This is gonna be the best BBMA's in years. antm1

  9. AND Britney Galaxy said they would never post anything unless it's legitimate.
  10. It's real, they took it out of the database once somebody noticed.
  11. Britney Spears’ New Single “Make Me” Drops May 20 http://britneyspears.breatheheavy.com/britney-spears-new-single-make-me-drops-may-20/