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  1. Viktor Nikiforov


    for once she's making the right choices
  2. Viktor Nikiforov


    I think the bad editing has to do with them using some instagram videos She better release the song soon
  3. Viktor Nikiforov


    Im crying at beautiful game, it sounds really good
  4. Viktor Nikiforov

    Music Video

    She wears the cone bra
  5. Viktor Nikiforov

    Music Video

    Well, now we need to know what is the bride outfit for
  6. Viktor Nikiforov

    Music Video

    So it's Madonna? I was confused because I wasn't sure
  7. Viktor Nikiforov


    I love nicki but I hope is for Nicki's album, it's enough
  8. I love that if it wasn't for some M fans with insiders info we wouldn't have known anything of this. She learned her lesson from RH
  9. Bitch left me shock, I was keeping my expectations low but she murdered those stairs I hope they get the promo right and she releases something now
  10. Viktor Nikiforov


    Get ready for the MDNA Skin worldwide tour where she sprays rose mist to the audience for 2 hours, also an exclusive performance of Candy Shop! jk I hope it's coming soon, Im tired of waiting,
  11. Viktor Nikiforov


    It's from febreary when she uploaded the picture on the right and the center, also she's wearing the Mambo necklace on the bride picture. I hope we finally get a video single from Klein and not just interludes or photoshoots. Also it seems she wears the same wig in the three photos and the thing around her head
  12. Viktor Nikiforov

    Celeb News

    Queen She's gonna blow another thing tonight
  13. So my best friend wants me to take me to the gay zone of my country bc he want me to find someone dead1but I just been out of the closet for 3 months and I'm so scared like I'm too shy lmao

    Should I say yes?chi1


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    2. Simón.

      Just do what you feel like to do! I mean you can go there and just see the people and what they are doing. You are not obligated to do anything that you won't like hug1

    3. Viktor Nikiforov

      Thanks for the advice y'all hug1 

      It should be a big kid if I go lmao

    4. Chris Morlock

      kii get that BBC kii1