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  1. So my best friend wants me to take me to the gay zone of my country bc he want me to find someone dead1but I just been out of the closet for 3 months and I'm so scared like I'm too shy lmao

    Should I say yes?chi1


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    2. Simón.


      Just do what you feel like to do! I mean you can go there and just see the people and what they are doing. You are not obligated to do anything that you won't like hug1

    3. Viktor Nikiforov

      Viktor Nikiforov

      Thanks for the advice y'all hug1 

      It should be a big kid if I go lmao

    4. Chris


      kii get that BBC kii1 

  2. are you Bulgarian sis? giveup1

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    2. mommy did her thing

      mommy did her thing

      I was just curious

    3. Viktor Nikiforov

      Viktor Nikiforov

      Oh! It's from an Anime Character bey5

      A king 


    4. Vertigo-go


      I was just going to ask the same queston ny1


  3. The walking dead and American Horror Story, season 4 wasn't my tea, sorry queen Jessica
  4. I love what you did with some tracks, especially I Wanna Go, Criminal, Up n' Down and Trouble for Me. The others are really good too Didn't know about Every day (flop stan ) and she sounds godly omg I would like to listen to the remix you did for In The Zone
  5. SKAM left me so empty fall2 I feel like an absolute mess, it was perfect fall2

  6. I'm not his stan but I have to admit Ariana has a lot of talent, and today's show was magical I wanna hug her