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  1. Celeb News

    SCREAMING AT HER FACEEE ON THE THIRD PIC Looks like she got something from behind
  2. Discussion

    she can't stay silent about things I have to say that she was pretty silent during the editing process of the rebel heart tour but at the end she posted an instagram to calm down the medonsters a bit
  3. Tech

    I love the screen but I'll never get used to the OS
  4. come to spain queen (But come to madrid not barcelona, you can also go to Barcelona but bitch im poor)
  5. Event

    get the d queen
  6. Music Video

    She never gives a f**** I LOVE HER rip at the last part where she uses the lipstick
  7. nicki is shock
  8. stop promoting more now you bitch I mean first the two malawi girl, then the august release and now this She got me pressed lately
  9. Photos

    Not this bitch promoting more now than during the rebel heart era
  10. Cupcakke retweeted my Tweet im screaminggggggg yas2 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Chris Morlock

      shes actually had it for a while, jut barely anything on it dead7

    3. Viktor Nikiforov

      yasss  show them who is the queen gaga13 

  11. Single

  12. Game

    Bitch I'm Madonna Human Nature
  13. I neeeeeed moreeeee
  14. Discussion

    Act of contrition, it makes me so nervous I dunno why
  15. Music Video