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  1. General News Charles Manson FINALLY dies at 83

  2. Gaga tonight!!! I’m so excited cry1 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dan

      Have the BEST time, I saw her last night!

    3. Megan

      Have fun!!!!yas2

    4. Andrew Michael

      Thank you sweethearts fall3 

      How was it Dan???

  3. Gossip Post Malone Claims Justin Bieber Gave $10 Million to a Religious Cult

    You know coming out of the AHS Cult season this is giving me the creeps in all the right ways
  4. Photos Full "Unapologetic" photoshoot LEAKED!

    That would be amazing
  5. Photos Full "Unapologetic" photoshoot LEAKED!

    You did? Or you hope someone does?
  6. Photos Full "Unapologetic" photoshoot LEAKED!

    I hope someone makes an uncensored unapologetic cover that’d be badass
  7. Rumor AMAs teasing some kind of surprise?

  8. Celeb News Kesha seen at a London Night Club

    Beautiful! She looks absolutely wonderful.
  9. Gossip Queen of pink at the airport

    Beautiful lady love her
  10. Celeb News Tony Bennett Confirms a NEW Gaga Collab Will Drop on NYE

    I’m excited!!! I liked Jazzga!
  11. The fur debate

    If we have to kill it’s unnecessary. But that’s from a vegetarian I understand eating animals but killing and wearing them is selfish. It’s not primitive times anymore. We don’t need to kill to keep warm.
  12. Tech Disney streaming service will be priced 'substantially below' Netflix

    Disney knows
  13. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    King of my heart body and soul ohhh whoa
  14. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    The laugh is actually kind of unnerving, yes
  15. Achievement reputation // First Listen

    I loved so it goes no one else seems to love it