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  1. Discussion

    If you all say anything but Hollywood you’re insane
  2. Other

    Listen, I know y’all want boots, and I agree it’s amazing single material. But HAD to vote Spaceship. Literally in my top 3 favorite songs ever
  3. Discussion

    Womanizer | Invitation Circus | Make Me... Out From Under | Private Show Kill The Lights | Man on the Moon Shattered Glass | Just Love Me If U Seek Amy | Clumsy Unusual You | Do You Wanna Come Over? Blur | Slumber Party Mmm Papi | Just Like Me Mannequin | Love Me Down Lace And Leather | Hard To Forget Ya My Baby | What You Need Rock Me In | Better Phonography | Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Amnesia | Liar Rock Boy | If I'm Dancing Quicksand | Coupure Électrique Trouble | Mood Ring glory: 9 Circus: 8
  4. A grammy
  5. Other

    It's beautiful! You're very very talented with this stuff!!!!
  6. Evan is such a good actor though. clap3 

  7. Other

    I feel so bad for Lana omg. but somewhat OT: I'm cracking up so hard in my car
  8. Where is everyone? @Taylor We're cleaning up the remainder of our WIGS
  9. Discussion

    I don't know about music videos, but this thread REALLY reminds me of how much I love the ROL album
  10. Celeb News

    Katy is so cute
  11. Wow! Loving how she's showing the haters that she still wears the crown Looks like that Taylor's over party will have to wait
  12. She is cleaning up omggggg
  13. Other

    I am SO proud holy hell