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  1. Andrew!


    THS> Supernatural> Hymn> Rainbow> Backstabber
  2. Okay I’m SUPER perched now.
  3. Andrew!


    No idea!!! But her cheeky little smile at the end... god she’s so so beautiful
  4. Andrew! here

    Could be an unpopular opinion, but I wish all albums were digipaks or eco-wallets over jewel cases. 

    Eco-wallets>>Digipaks>>>>>>>>>Jewel cases

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    2. Andrew!

      Nah. More environmentally friendly. 

    3. Chris Morlock

      Yes but I'm all my digis have been borderline destroyed just by using them frequently sksk

  5. Andrew!


    I’m so sorry for her ❤️ I hope they figure out the best plan for their son.
  6. Andrew!


    Someone should actually design posters
  7. Andrew!


    Kesha and her new band “The Penis Guzzlers” present The Freaky Fuckin’ Free-for-all! BYOD (Bring your own dildo) for a free T-shirt! EDIT: Order tickets now and get an automatic pre-order of her new album Cooter Country
  8. Andrew!


    Kesha’s Wacky Wiccan Wonder Weekend! Meet Kesha and join her in a collective sacrifice to the Goddess Brigid! #BlessedBe #ImARainbow
  9. Andrew! here

    I’m at Cher’s concert, and let me tell you, she is HILARIOUS cry7 the whole crowd is cracking up. The way she was flexing for a solid 15 minutes. Incredible dead2 

  10. Andrew!

    Celeb News

    Before it’s time
  11. Andrew!

    Celeb News

    Well... either way I am SO here for a mystical era. Give me those witchcraft vibes queen
  12. Andrew! here


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    2. Andrew!

      I think the pre-order is gone too fall9 

    3. ajp

      It’s still there on her website https://shop.carlyraemusic.com/ but gone from iTunes for the past week. gaga12


    4. Andrew!

      Oh?? I didn’t know fall9 I preordered on iTunes. I hope it doesn’t make me pay for NTIFY and NDLM

  13. Andrew!

    Yes absolutely no doubts