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  1. Andrew!

    The maturation we love you!! ❤️
  2. Andrew!

    I’ve never been a fan of her music, (not in a disrespectful way. Rap isn’t always my cup of tea) but god that ALBUM COVER IS SPEAKING TO ME i might just have to listen
  3. Andrew!

    Honestly, with Kesha I feel like she’d be open to most collabs with the favs. (Minus maybe Katy, sadly. I don’t know if their relationship has healed at all). Kesha is super loving and has respect for a ton of artists. So I don’t think there’d be anyone she’d particularly say no to. Now, whether or not it would work is an entirely different matter
  4. Andrew! here

    🎶 I don’t wanna be buried in a pet sematary... I don’t want to live my life again 🎶


  5. Andrew!

    Ugh she’s always so beautiful
  6. Andrew!

    It’s not the best, but Animal is actually kinda badass in my opinion (especially the Animal+Cannibal one)
  7. Andrew!


    Just a question, and not to be negative, but does Maluma’s laugh at the end of BIL make anyone else uncomfortable??
  8. Andrew! here


    cry0 need this in HQ immediately 

    1. Andrew!

      Thank you cry7 

    2. Aidan.

      Omg did Taylor force Katy to wear that burger costume a while ago as a tease fall8

  9. I almost cried when I saw Katy
  10. Andrew! here

    Some nightly advice from your local AI bot


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    2. Andrew!

      I want all of these printed and framed. The prophets could never!

    3. Hylia

      This one deserves a 24k gold frame!


    4. Andrew!

      Okay yes agreed dead2 I want a sticker for my car 

  11. Andrew!


    @Chris Morlock I’m not done, but I’m gonna start listing them in the spoiler. bold was Madonna and italicized was Kylie, but that was too hard so I switched to initials:
  12. Andrew!


    I can try to knock out one for sure! Do you want me to just list them or is your playlist collaborative?
  13. Andrew!


    Chris do you want any help with some sections or are you good handling it?