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  1. Andrew! here

    Gonna say publicly and unabashedly that Richie Tozier is one of my all-time favorite character crushes gaga4 thank you for your time, FOTP. gaga4 go see IT chapter 2. 

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    2. Dan

      I wish they had made him come out in the movie, would've been cute gaga4

    3. Chris Morlock

      i still havent seen either It chapters fall3 

    4. Dan

      @Chris Morlock You should definitely check out the first one, I really liked it! Second one was alright, I had a lot of problems with it, but it's a must-watch if you like the first :D 

  2. Andrew!

    Hmmm... a message I sent kesha over twitter in 2016 now is said to be sent to a “Sophie” @breatheandsmile The location of the person says Kesha Rose and Jenette McCurdy
  3. Andrew!

    I honestly don’t know how the hell to play that game
  4. Andrew!


    OOP! I'm WET
  5. Andrew!

    Have you tried MP3 Tag? Legendary!!!
  6. Andrew!

    I think he means that Die Young is all the way down with the Ys as opposed to being with the Ds in terms of alphabetical order
  7. Andrew! here

    I’m reading a Psych article that refers to someone’s “first time” as a “coital debut”... jj4 

    1. Ariana

      OMG jj4

      "Ha coital debut is coming!" dead1

  8. Andrew!


    That cover still would have slayed
  9. Oh my god why wasn’t that the official album cover??? It’s stunning!