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  1. it makes me so happy to hear about Mr Peeps
  2. I personally prefer the Switch Remix with the Billboard Remix very very very close behind it. the Switch kind of sounds like a Warrior-style version of Animal.
  3. Animal is an overall incredible song, but which version do you prefer??
  4. Good point!!! RIP Best Day OG version
  5. Andy!


    Animal Billboard Remix Hungover Finding You
  6. Andy!


    Enchanted will always spellbound me forever ❤️
  7. Andy!


    Yes! It came in a time when there was no new music. It was so good hearing her voice again
  8. The same thought crossed my mind!! It’s almost as if Emotional was her during a crying session, but then MOD was her after feeling a bit better but still bitter.
  9. Andy!


    Idk I feel like the 2010 one was iconic for her. Also STAN the second one! Gorgeous hair and gorgeous dress
  10. Andy!


    I always feel bad loving the 3rd because she was so sick at the time, but: 3>2>>>1>>4
  11. I saw but figured eh, why not post it as official thread