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  1. The music video definitely enhances the song for sure.
  2. Andy!


    The warrior tour mix was a good blend of everything
  3. Andy!


    A tad pressed that there’s so many short songs but she has yet to disappoint
  4. Andy!


    Queen of dancing
  5. Andy!


    Hoping for Billie and Lizzo to get their rightful awards
  6. Andy!

  7. Andy!


    That sounds like a lovely article! I guess the only way we’d know for sure is by asking her !askkesha
  8. Andy!


    I’m not convinced either way I still think Christianity isn’t quite her cup of tea. Could be wrong through. I considered her more Buddhist than anything.
  9. Andy!


    Yes but I don’t really know that it’s Christianity that she feels inclined towards
  10. Andy!


    I think Kesha would stray away from religious songs imo. BUT! I really like your concept a lot especially with the two sides! i would love her to do: Sleigh Ride Have Yourself... Santa (daddy) Baby Baby it’s cold outside [gender swapped] featuring Wrabel White Christmas Rocking Around the Christmas Tree Jingle Bells/Rock I Saw Pebe Kissing Santa Clause With Bells On (Kenny Rogers cover)
  11. Andy!


    I love Christmases When You Were Mine! One of her best songs IMO
  12. Andy!

    Most of them I‘m sure many of the artists will continue to deliver quality, but when it comes to commercial success only a handful will make it I guarantee.