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  1. I know this isn’t an incredibly complex response but it absolutely sent me
  2. Okay wait this is awesome. Holy shit. Have you considered producing?
  3. Andy!


    This is so so tough. Because nostalgia blinds me I honestly don’t think I can rank them. I even love Warrior standard But the warrior covers are so nostalgic to me.
  4. I wasn’t sure if it showed too little of her face plus Chris already submitted to change it, so.
  5. Andy!

    She looks STUNNING
  6. I know I know I wish too
  7. it makes me so happy to hear about Mr Peeps
  8. I personally prefer the Switch Remix with the Billboard Remix very very very close behind it. the Switch kind of sounds like a Warrior-style version of Animal.
  9. Animal is an overall incredible song, but which version do you prefer??
  10. Good point!!! RIP Best Day OG version
  11. Andy!


    Animal Billboard Remix Hungover Finding You