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  1. Single

    AWE! I love that!!
  2. here

    I see that Camila badge. nat1 

    1. Honey

      Yes indeed nat1 Love Love Love her

  3. I hope you like her music!!! It's not for everyone, but I love her music so much!
  4. Vanessa Carlton: London Tall Tales For Spring Twilight White Houses Annie
  5. I took all of my badges away for a while!!! Just for a change of look. All of You is really awesome What If gives me feels every time
  6. OMG! I'm a HUUUUUUGE FAN! I was the one who made the badge!!! I love Colbie!!! And goldmine is incredible! My favorite album is Coco! What's yours?
  7. Awesome!!! It really is an amazing album (Well I mean I personally think so )
  8. Miss Dolly (she has 50 some albums so five won't cover her best work but here's a few): Avril: The Band Perry (CHECK THEM OUT. SUPER UNDERRATED): CRJ: Carrie Underwood: Colbie Caillat (AMAAAAZING)
  9. It’s for different trials. They try each person and each crime. But sometimes a life sentence can mean only 25 years in law terms. Especially if the person is young. So that’s why people get multiple
  10. here

    How Will I Know came on the radio when I was with my grandma and we both started singing ny10 Whitney we miss you 

  11. Well... I mean okay. Enjoy that I guess
  12. Discussion

    I can’t wait for KP5
  13. I really love that she’s so open about her unreleased!!!