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  1. here

    Do you ever know you should feel happy but you're too tired to hit the full capacity of happiness? dead2 Does that even make sense?

  2. here

    I really really really love the beach and the ocean cry1 

    1. Kali

      I wish I was at the beach rn sob1

  3. Album

    Keep that negativity girl! im excited!!!
  4. Kesha! I figured the court case gave it away. I wasn't sure if any other fave had the last four years of their career be a lawsuit
  5. Lazy? No. Doing anything? No. (Unless you call a court case something)
  6. Yikes! Water ain't the only thing that makes me wet
  7. I see your point, but Kesha has everything to lose from this. There's no reason she'd make this up. I mean, look what it did to her and her career? The eating disorder doesn't come from nothing, it comes from mental abuse. Yes, she's lacking evidence, but i still stand by her because I love her, I strongly believe that she is a genuine person who would never lie, but also she stands currently for all rape victims too scared to tell their story. She is doing what so many couldn't. Thats why I believe her over Luke, plus I bash him because even if she was lying he's done some really shitty things.
  8. I mean... currently Kesha's career is the most tragic so, yeah I guess. Believe me the section was amazing when I first joined. It's the reason im on here today. The section would be better if her career was still happening. So that'll either a). Never happen or b). Take longer
  9. I think the answer you're looking for is Bitch Bitch by Legendney
  10. Album

    Please let her only be referred as the Kraken of pop But yes, saturate me Katy
  11. here

    For my Americans, happy national puppy day!!!!!


  12. I'm interested!!!
  13. Kesha!!! Uh, I think Rolling in the Deep really was the staple of 2010. So Adele!!! EDIT: but Taylor comes in at such a close second
  14. yEs her most romantic song ever