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  1. here

    Can’t believe streaming is bringing an end to iTunes laughcry1

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    2. Dennis Reynolds

      I'm not gonna do that shit, I'll literally just go completely back to CDs if iTunes calls it quits...

    3. Urbanov

      1 hour ago, jacs vs looser said:

      Is this in regards to rumors of Apple shutting down itunes in 2019?

      yeah but they were confirmed to be not true anyway

    4. jacs vs looser

      @Urbanov Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. Though I think they will  end up shutting it down sooner than later. 

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  3. Oh I’m not denying that. USA can be quite awful sometimes, but I’m talking about this situation in particular. And it is VERY tricky. You know? I’d really hate for more people to die, but I’d feel worse to leave those poor innocent people abandoned in their own country where they are supposed to feel safe. That’s all. Something needed to be done, not saying this was the best option (I can’t because I’m not educated enough on politics to give that call), but something did need to be done for this situation
  4. This. It’s awful that the US had to take such drastic measures, but what were the Us/Uk supposed to do? Sit back and pretend thousands of civilians aren’t getting slaughtered by their own country? That in itself is disgusting. Evil doesn’t undo evil, but it’s not right to just sit back and do nothing
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    Thank GOD
  6. Celeb News

    AAAAH I love this
  8. Game

    What was the first Katy song you heard? IKAG! What song/album made you become a full on stan? Dark Horse/Prism What era did you start to stan her? Prism! Favourite song from the OOTB album? Lost Favourite song from the TD album? Not Like The Movies Favourite song from the Prism album? International Smile Favourite song from the Witness album? Save as Draft Favourite song from her discography? Not Like The Movies Favourite album from her discography? Prism What album do you want KP5 to be most like? OOTB
  9. Single

    I’m excited!!!! I love her videos
  10. Discussion

    I think we have all come to one common conclusion in this thread
  11. Discussion

    Honestly: I Did Something Bad, ...Ready For It, and LWYMMD. I still use them from time to time, but they really have lost the appeal in my eyes.