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  1. Beautiful choices
  2. here

    If anyone could do me a huuuuge favor involving an AVI? katy3 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Honey

      Either way both versions are beautiful ❤️

      @Hylia Hell hath no fury like a honey reborn demi1 

    3. QUINN

      I'm weeping with pride cry9 

    4. Honey

      @QUINN Thank you, fall3 you helped a ton with me getting into her oprah4 

  3. Yesssss what's your top 3 ballads? I'm glad be prepared for the tagging. Omg I fell deeply in love with it after hearing it again in part of me
  4. @QUINN sorry for tagging you with my every Katy thought but Omg the way the second pre-chorus from Not Like the Movies has been haunting me all day it's so incredibly heartbreaking
  5. here

    Reminded me of you @Sylk


    1. Sylk

      omg this ALWAYS makes me cackle lmfao1 

  6. here

    I'm trying sooooo hard not to spend all of my money buying prince albums fall2 

    1. Breathless Mahoney

      Give in, he's awesome. Or just save some money and pick up his compilation The Hits/The B-Sides, you'll get most of his singles and some great lesser known songs like Shockadelica. If Darling Nikki was on it, it'd be pretty much a perfect compilation album.



    2. Honey

      I knOow TIDAL has the rare albums for SALE and I bought the Gold Experience and I'm in LOOOOVE cry0 I want the other ones but I need to start saving money 

    3. Vilppu

      Prince's discography is definitely worth spending money on so no worries <3

  7. Thats alright!! I mean it is very different for her, but hopefully she'll snatch you with the album
  8. I am beyond ready Gonna not want to let go if we hug though YESSS!!! My heart was like vibrating as I watched it
  9. She really is hopefully someday I'll be able to meet her
  10. Im gonna be honest, this is gonna sound maybe creepy, but I watched Part of Me for the first time and had dreams about her I just love her she's so wonderful. Also that movie literally inspired me to push forward with my singing career I jusssst I've been sleeping on this girl for a sinful amount of time
  11. BLESS YOU SWEETHEART thank you for believing in her
  12. I think I'm actually in love with her