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  1. Honey here

    MA alex1 MMA alex1 MIA!!!!!!! alex1  HERE WE GO AGAIN. JUST AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL. 20/10, BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR, BUY IT, SELL IT, STREAM IT FOR WEEKS alex1 Favorite movie’s sequel coming in clutch cry0 

  2. Honey


    I can’t wait for K4
  3. Honey


    Ugh yes So many unreleased songs deserve better production.
  4. Honey


    Really???? the more you know!!!! That would have been awesome warrior-fied too
  5. Can we please discuss this extremely underrated BOP???? It gives me such 50s styled do wop vibes Animal should have been the home to this glorious song (PS. Stop that negative shit right now and embrace this goddessly song )
  6. RAINBOW; Old Flames: Innocence and Pills Godzilla (makes me sad to get rid of it): Meet Me WARRIOR: Wherever you are: Pretty Lady Wonderland: WooHoo CANNIBAL: CUNT: Shots GAP: 7AM ANIMAL: Blahx3: Booty Call Kiss N Tell: Butterscotch (so many tracks I want on animal)
  7. Honey

    Celeb News

    I love the soft spot a lot of people seem to have for her
  8. KP5 COMING But seriously how funny would it be if her way of promo was to just screw up her streaming platforms
  9. I don’t mean to sound bitchy but I am NOT hoping for TIWWCHNT
  10. I know no one else is here for that but I really am
  11. Get ready for New Years Day getting the full single treatment!