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  1. Losing Grip vs. Take Me Away Complicated vs. Together Sk8er Boi vs. Don't Tell Me I'm with You vs. He Wasn't Mobile vs. How Does It Feel Unwanted vs. My Happy Ending Tomorrow vs. Nobody's Home Anything but Ordinary vs. Forgotten Things I'll Never Say vs. Who Knows My World vs. Fall to Pieces Nobody's Fool vs. Freak Out Too Much to Ask vs. Slipped Away Naked vs. I Always Get What I Want LG: 7 UMS: 6 this was super tough. These are two of my favorite albums of all time.
  2. You called it and I hate you for it
  3. Please!! album please (probably a music video but)
  4. 1. TEOG 2. Applause 3. Teeth 4. Babylon 5. Summerboy 6. Angel Down 7. INLA
  5. 1. Folklore 2. Future Nostalgia 3. Chromatica 4. Smile 5. Positions
  6. Okay but this song is awesome to begin with so I’m glad she covered it
  7. Is this a one off? Or are we getting a Christmas album