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  1. I want All Too Well to come punch me in the throat
  2. I mean, they’re entitled to make whatever music they want, but god I miss their old sound. Their first 3 albums are stellar. I love them, but the latest albums… I don’t know. I won’t even touch them :/
  3. Tennis Court vs. Green Light 400 Lux vs. Sober Royals vs. Homemade Dynamite Ribs vs. The Louvre Buzzcut Season vs. Liability Team vs. Hard Feelings/Loveless Glory and Gore vs. Sober II (Melodrama) Still Sane vs. Writer In the Dark White Teeth Teens vs. Supercut A World Alone vs. Liability (Reprise) Bravado vs. Perfect Places PH: 6 M: 5
  4. Losing Grip vs. Take Me Away Complicated vs. Together Sk8er Boi vs. Don't Tell Me I'm with You vs. He Wasn't Mobile vs. How Does It Feel Unwanted vs. My Happy Ending Tomorrow vs. Nobody's Home Anything but Ordinary vs. Forgotten Things I'll Never Say vs. Who Knows My World vs. Fall to Pieces Nobody's Fool vs. Freak Out Too Much to Ask vs. Slipped Away Naked vs. I Always Get What I Want LG: 7 UMS: 6 this was super tough. These are two of my favorite albums of all time.
  5. You called it and I hate you for it
  6. Please!! album please (probably a music video but)
  7. Is this a one off? Or are we getting a Christmas album
  8. ... dead2 


    1. Chris


      probably cos all of the late 90s/early 2000s stans are now parents fall5 

    2. Mario Spears
  9. Thinking back to my Witness tour date. Where Katy asked a girl to come on stage with her and she flat out said no dead2 I will never forget the awkward look on Katy’s face 

  10. Summertime sadness (album version), my friend showed me and I was taken
  11. I know I'm 300 years behind the rest of humanity, but I'm just now going through Kylie '94 and holy mother of god giveup2

    1. LittleDudeNT5


      Too bad there's nowhere to talk about it jj2

    2. Honey


      Welp dead7 I could do a (second time) listening thread I suppose

  12. A lovely reminder that this gem exists 


  13. I know a lot of people didn’t really care for the Kesha section anymore. Even I didn’t really use it anymore, but I gotta say, some great things came of it. I made some amazing friends that I still talk to every day, had some amazing memories, and great discussions. It’s how I ended up on FOTP in the first place. Even though she’s gone, thank you @Onika for having her in the first place. Rip baby ❤️

    1. Onika


      The Kesha section is how I ended up here in the first place as well, it feels weird not having it but it was definitely time. As much as I stand by that era of pop being the best, eventually we have to move on jj2

    2. Honey


      Absolutely. And who knows, maybe if enough animals come back she can get a spotlight and it’ll be fun! But seriously, thank you again ❤️ I’ve been here since 2014 and that section was such a good place. I remember DMing you and asking if they were going to remove the section back in 2015 or 16 I think dead2 during the drought period 

  14. Okay then I think I’m gonna wait for that!! I think the two tracks will be worth it. Especially since I love LBF. also, heartbeat has been on repeat all day
  15. Ah dammit, fair. Do you think it’s worth waiting to try and get the Japan deluxe version?
  16. @ajp do you know if target is carrying the CDs??
  17. It says it doesn’t ship to US
  18. UGH YES I wish the CD was signed. I really don’t do LPs *slips Carly another sword* “sign the cd?”