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  1. Honey


    You called it and I hate you for it
  2. Honey


    Please!! album please (probably a music video but)
  3. Honey


    1. TEOG 2. Applause 3. Teeth 4. Babylon 5. Summerboy 6. Angel Down 7. INLA
  4. Honey


    1. Folklore 2. Future Nostalgia 3. Chromatica 4. Smile 5. Positions
  5. Okay but this song is awesome to begin with so I’m glad she covered it
  6. Honey


    We can hope
  7. Honey


    Is this a one off? Or are we getting a Christmas album
  8. Honey


    Oh I LOVE!! The paradise and honeymoon ones especially get me
  9. Honey


    This! But I am excited regardless
  10. Another evolution?? I wonder what sound
  11. Honey

    Awe you’re sweet ❤️ You made my morning
  12. Honey


    the 1 vs. State of Grace cardigan vs. Red the last great american dynasty vs. Treacherous exile vs. I Knew You Were Trouble my tears ricochet vs. All Too Well mirrorball vs. 22 seven vs. I Almost Do august vs. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together this is me trying vs. Stay Stay Stay illicit affairs vs. The Last Time invisible string vs. Holy Ground mad woman vs. Sad Beautiful Tragic epiphany vs. The Lucky One betty vs. Everything Has Changed peace vs. Starlight hoax vs. Begin Again
  13. Honey


    This song has never lost it’s appeal. Such a good track
  14. Honey


    I was wondering what the issue was.. thank you for letting us know!
  15. Honey here

    ... dead2 


    1. Chris Morlock

      probably cos all of the late 90s/early 2000s stans are now parents fall5 

  16. Honey


    I SCREAMED we better be getting the original released as well
  17. https://open.spotify.com/track/3vIfj8LxPFQsPll65acJYa?si=4sHuPZxuSYyDjY3tVnGLvg I don’t know if this helps
  18. Does anyone else love this remix? Or am I just the weirdo that prefers this mix
  19. I actually loved this!! It’s not even comparable to the original because they’re both such separate entities. I enjoyed this!!
  20. Honey here

    Thinking back to my Witness tour date. Where Katy asked a girl to come on stage with her and she flat out said no dead2 I will never forget the awkward look on Katy’s face