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  1. Avril has some KILLER ballads
  2. Definitely. That version is absolutely stunning! The way her voice breaks towards the end always gets me so emotional
  3. You're dangerous demi1 
    Just get it up
    The way you move so scandalous demi1 
    It's all about the two of us
    A one night stand just ain't enough demi1 
    I need some stimulation baby
    A little conversation maybe demi1 
    You got me spinning 'round like crazy
    There goes my baby demi1 

  4. I literally am just kinda numb right now it'll hit me again soon. I'm prone to denial
  5. No one's stopping ya Go for it
  6. Oh god yeah i was not in a good mood friday I had a mini Brit-2007 meltdown
  7. So do i sis They can be so beautiful
  8. It is, I CRAVE a full piano version like that
  9. Not sure if this counts as a ballad but it's so beautiful, one of my favorites
  10. Oh i definitely agree, Let me Go has a bit of a catchier tune in my opinion which is why i posted it first, but WYWS is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  11. There was a video of her playing a bit of it on a piano yes
  12. Love into the light is amazing The demo lyrics are more powerful though in my opinion, i wish she would have kept them " I know we're all different,But baby, that's life.Since when are these differences so wrong,That kids are taking their own lives"
  13. First time i heard wonderland i cried And if you want something to start you off, I'd give this unreleased gem a listen
  14. Oh my god yes That song is absolutely perfect
  15. Can we just talk about some of Kesha's flawless ballads? Which ones are your favorites? Least favorites? My favorite is, in all honesty, Hungover. It's so packed with emotion and stands out in Animal. Unreleased-wise my favorite ballad is probably Goodbye Only thirteen and her voice was perfection.
  16. Take It Off Still slays me everytime
  17. I'm worried too Poor thing probably is under so much stress, i can't even imagine I do hope that Dr. Luke is done though. He really doesn't deserve a career