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    1. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      Kesha to Dr. Puke after this is all over tbh

  2. Too true that song slays. Her sexy songs are always on point
  3. Amen sis you like boots and boys?! Oh my god! Most animals hate it. It's such a sexy bop
  4. Yes!!!! The absolute perfect intro that starts the album. And the perfect way that animal ends finishes the album perfectly i love that album so much I remember when I first bought it, I was upset about the reviews it was getting on iTunes.
  5. YES Cannibal is by far my favorite. Her power was undeniable at that time my favorite shoot is probably the cannibal shoot or this one:
  6. Pretty please? Kesha is my #1 girl
  7. I completely feel that I keep getting flashbacks from the good times. just out of curiosity.mp3, what's your favorite Kesha era?
  8. Yes Her demos are flawless and so unapologetically her. I put the demos on shuffle today and i couldn't make it through Meet Me In Space without crying
  9. "Oh my Kesha those hot Jimmy Choos! Hey Paris... I saw the saaaaaaaaaaaaame stuff at target." That song KILLS me
  10. The absolute sass in that title
  11. I've seen theories for both, tbh And i thought PAARDH was about Paris Hilton, unless she threw up in two different closets
  12. Yeah, the song backstabber by Kesha is supposedly about her as well
  13. Not to stereotype looks but he seriously just looks creepy imo