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  1. If this was the one tonight I was there. She really looked amazing. The last couple of outfits were the best though
  2. I think there was a time where she said we might be getting a few B-side albums. That's the one I wish for most tbh
  3. Philip can I ask you a question? Where did you even get that gif it's so beautiful omg
  4. These sound amazing, leak the song Miley, do it .gif' alt='cry3'>
  5. We could rewrite this era however we want But i am forever slain at Dark Horse's impact and smash on the radio. An amazing accomplishment.
  6. You know, good for you I'm sure you're gonna love the show! Cheek to Cheek right? I'll be going soon too. Have an amazing time! @Monsier
  7. Oh my gosh! This is insanely good! You sound so professional. I find the tone of your voice really soothing too. You do the song justice
  8. I can't decide Bad blood was amazing... Madonna's team looks so strong though
  9. Third one is absolutely gorgeous
  10. Love it! You have some interesting ideas, ngl I like the idea for dope being the first single. Great job
  11. I one hundred percent support. She is so brave for being herself in a world that can be cruel at times. It takes guts, and I am very proud to say I send her my full support and love
  12. Enchanted by far. Wonderland helped seal the deal though.
  13. Honestly slay, her impact on the modern pop industry today is seriously amazing. True Queen
  14. I'm a little disappointed. Especially after the Ghosttown cover slayed hard
  15. Amazing title for the lead single