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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pJdbd-gwSY Actually this would work well for the jumpscares
  2. As she approaches Or even the "Mehy" sound from Overprotected Five Nights At Britney's Someone needs to make this
  3. Yas I need this video game What other fav would star with Britney?
  4. Watch someone pick up on the idea and make one
  6. Yes, absolutely! This is one of my favorite songs. It has just the right amount of energy and feistiness to get you bopping to it. Madonna and Britney together make a really good pair too, since they both are known (most of the time) for their seductive approach to music. And the little chuckle at the end. EDIT: And the music video
  7. Yaaaaay! Yaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaay!
  8. She is seriously so bitey this era! I absolutely love it. She really doesn't take any thing from the media anymore. Take 'em down queen!
  9. Taylor Swift - Country Girl Fearless - Undone Speak Now - Dreamer Red - Back Again 1989 - New Romantics
  10. I've never seen this before! So sexy. Instant favorite
  11. OMG yes! This is perfect! If you think about it it's perfect for heading into spring. Summer's on the way and people want to shake off winter. I think she made a good decision. If this does well I think she should release Wildest Dreams early or mid summer.
  12. This song is sexy asf. The beat of the song sounds so dangerous. "Baby I'mma keep U up all night, gonna tie you up in case you bite"
  13. That's so sweet, this wedding is going to be amazing!
  14. Oh my gosh she's amazing. It's little things like this that make me stan harder.
  15. I see no lies in your essay! Well written one too
  16. Her Instagram is truly flawless tbh
  17. I laughed so hard when I saw this on Instagram. Does anyone have any idea what this means???