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  1. I used to watch Grease daily as a kid. Though I had no idea what they meant by all the sexual innuendos .gif' alt='ny6'>.gif' alt='ny5'>
  2. No i haven't! I'll have to add that to my list of movies. And thanks so much!!!
  3. Oh everyone has flaws! No worries there I'm oddly addicted to the past so i love history and things like that. I'm a sucker for old movies. And (not that it's ancient) my favorite TV show is the Golden Girls Not quite sure if that counts as retro but if it does then yes
  4. Awe! You're so sweet I'm a huge romantic type and there were a lot of beautiful love songs back then. I also loved the originality of some of the music they had. There was very little room for copying other artists and lipsyncing. Not that every artist lipsyncs today, but back then you had to be great or you didn't get anywhere. It just feels like a very raw and antique era of music.
  5. Is she gonna release this?! It's so pretty
  6. I know it scared me too The quiz was a bit overkill on the details
  7. My mom is still super in to the 80's. I can remember coming home from school and hearing "Prove Your Love" By Taylor Dayne. The things i like from the 50's sound ancient compared to today tbh Not sure if many people would like the songs.
  8. Thank you! I was raised on everything from 80's to Rock to Country. Even some 50's music i stan. I generally love all types of music.
  9. Music taste changed a lot since then. Rough years. I started off with a really odd music taste. I hated every one of my favs before i staned them.
  10. I'm not part of the hive but I must say I adore their devotion
  11. That was really amazing that she had that amount of bravery, to just fall like that Slay a bit