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  1. @ Oh I know! I was just appalled at it rising like that
  2. What the hell I always wanted Wonderland as a single
  3. This was so amazing!!! Easily one of her best! Slay me hard kween
  4. I live for the instrumental bridge in this song such a sexy song
  5. @Philip Uh- Are you gonna be okay? I'm kinda concerned for your sanity tbh
  6. I LIVE for this performance. She slayed me so hard.
  7. I love I Wish You Would! But i don't think i could pick a favorite. Cause Wildest Dreams, I Know Places, Style, Wonderland >>>>>>>>than my life tbh
  8. Her duet with LeAnn was flawless
  9. Okay YES! That would be amazing. .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>