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  1. This was so amazing!!! Easily one of her best! Slay me hard kween
  2. I live for the instrumental bridge in this song such a sexy song
  3. @Philip Uh- Are you gonna be okay? I'm kinda concerned for your sanity tbh
  4. Honey

    Remember This???

    I LIVE for this performance. She slayed me so hard.
  5. I love I Wish You Would! But i don't think i could pick a favorite. Cause Wildest Dreams, I Know Places, Style, Wonderland >>>>>>>>than my life tbh
  6. Her duet with LeAnn was flawless
  7. Okay YES! That would be amazing. .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  8. I agree. I think she really played it safe. But other than that, i thought she did an amazing job! She killed it at Roar, Dark Horse, and Firework
  9. Slay Kween My copy is coming in the mail and i'll be seeing it in person come June