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  1. That is true! I wonder. I think we'll definitely get DVD ripped audio at least
  2. YES slay me with that tour dvd Tay Do you think this means tour CD as well?
  3. Amen It really isn't a bad song! It's catchy. But oh my god if she released a single it would be so random I desperately need to see this tour, that DVD rumor better be true.
  4. It is true, i do not favor that song as one of my favorites Though i adore the "foreverrrrrrrrr" note she does pre final chorus!
  5. And back to you my dear And ah yes, drama It never seems to end, does it? I do hope you're handling it all well!
  6. (That gif ) And i've been okay! A few hardships here and there, but nothing i can't handle I'll probably be on here much more now, I had other dedications that won't be as prominent anymore How about you? How have you been?
  7. I can't wait to see the final decision EDIT: watch it be How You Get The Girl
  8. I'm probably losing it but i'm close to tears this is so refreshing Praise Christsha
  10. It would be so interesting to see them both releasing albums around the same time I would like to see who would upscale the other They both cause craze when their albums are released. (I love them both though)
  11. If you turn it up really loud you can hear like really muffled vocals. At least i think I definitely hear something.
  12. Honey

    Child Of The Moon.

    the madness is slowly seeping in
  13. Honey


    THIS SONG The day this song came out was the day i first spoke up on FOTP after being a ghost for a year Such nostalgia
  14. " You put my boots back on me, babeCause you're my cowboy, you're my everythingAnd you know how to get me "
  15. You know sometimes when i walk back into this section it reminds me of shipwrecked passengers on an island, some trying to make a fire, others searching for planes, and others slowly losing it Don't get me wrong though this section is my home on FOTP