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  1. Every single night we fight to get a little high on life. To get a little something right, something real, at least we try. I love this song so much
  2. Ugh I think it may just be mashed up with the original I want it so bad
  3. Why won’t they let Uncensored 2.0 leak. It sounds amazing I want it so bad
  4. Does anybody have the video of the woman dancing by whipping her hair around on a talk show? The song “I am what I am” is playing in the background

    1. Quill


      I know exactly what video you're talking about. Except the one I watched had 'God is a woman' playing in the background. rip2


  5. Trey is on iTunes under the Blah single. Also, Crazy Kids instrumental is on iTunes
  6. Untold Chuck Bucket’s Fred Falke Wolfedelic Pitbull Tom Neville Joe Bermudez Trey Told ‘Em These are all official
  7. It’s more than 8 I know that... hmm
  9. Supernatural was another one. But I don’t think any more
  10. I think Warrior, Die Young, Cmon, Crazy Kids. That’s it though. There’s really not many :/ EDIT: And supernatural, Thinking of you, and Out Alive
  11. Promise me you won’t cry... undefined

  12. I think Wherever You Are Thinking of You Wonderland Only Wanna Dance All that Matters Out Alive Past Lives
  13. Just a reminder about Lipsha
  14. Guys I’m so ready for TS7 it’s not even funny
  15. Hey guys! So one of my friends named Abby has an amazing voice and band, she just released her first cover of Nothing Breaks like a Heart. Give it a listen or buy it if you can ❤️ She’s wonderful.



    1. Dan


      Awesome cover!

  16. It’s been almost 2 years now, yet Groupie Love never fails to send me directly to cloud nine giveup2 

  17. “I can’t live without you, I can’t live without you baby”
  18. The Love Train is such a cute little EP ny10 


    Only need 2 more for Billie ❤️ Help us out! (Assuming you want a badge) 


    1. Hylia


      Add me sista

    2. Honey


      hug1 thank you 

  20. Okay looking back on this I was such a flop and didn’t read what you wrote right sorry if that sounded crazy insensitive.
  21. I think pawning may be pretty close! It’s hard to figure out some of her older stuff
  22. Gorgeous, fantastic, breathtaking,
  23. Hey animals, who ever reads this: okay so Dirty Liar is one of my favorite songs like, ever. And I know many won’t agree about it’s majesty, but I have a question... what does she say in the first verse? ”melt into you to your arms when you call me baby...” then what? I’ve looked up many different lyric things and none of them seem to fit right.