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  1. I LIVE for this performance. She slayed me so hard.
  2. I love I Wish You Would! But i don't think i could pick a favorite. Cause Wildest Dreams, I Know Places, Style, Wonderland >>>>>>>>than my life tbh
  3. Her duet with LeAnn was flawless
  4. Okay YES! That would be amazing. .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  5. I agree. I think she really played it safe. But other than that, i thought she did an amazing job! She killed it at Roar, Dark Horse, and Firework
  6. Slay Kween My copy is coming in the mail and i'll be seeing it in person come June
  7. This could also very well be a shade towards the Pop Industry as well. Because of the nature of the poem, it seems as though someone is being forced/raped. Which could be literal considering Gaga herself and Kesha, or it could be referring to how the pop stars are being forced by a record label or producer to be someone their not and do things they don't want to do. Which could be the reason for the "The Next Day Another Turn Came, and So it Continued Always the Same*. Coritus, Cries, Curses, Ejaculation, Always the Same." *Always the Same meaning that forced personas and actions are typi
  8. I don't think its Christ, i think it's "Coitus, Cries, Curses, Ejaculation." It would make more sense. And yes, it's about rape. OR it could be a metaphor for someone being used or forced to do something. It seems this way, especially if you look at the near the end stanza: "One of the old women tied the daily victim onto the machine. He then was informed and went into the Boudoir, masturbating a bit in front of her vagina; swearing, cursing, then began to fuck, let out screams of lust, and from the moment of ejaculation began to roar like a bull. He walked out not even looking at
  9. These outfits are slaying me hard .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  10. She looks so gorgeous! Love the look
  11. Yeah I'd get it! Age of the picture shouldn't matter. Memories of TFM.