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  1. I know Reputation is in the spotlight rn but Evanescence’s Synthesis is gorgeous cry8 

  2. She has a ton of beautiful pics this era
  3. Thank you for responding I hope the album just feels satisfying
  4. Thank you sis Let’s hope for the best also we should probably update the award
  5. @Taylor Hey! Just kinda wanted to vent a bit to you and all of the fellow swifties. Do you have fear about this album? That like it won’t actually be that good. It’s not that I don’t find the singles quality, because I do. But 1989, Red, and Speak Now were such big influences on me and my life, I worry it will be lackluster to those. This new era doesn’t seem very.. “Taylor”-y. Does that make sense? I hope I’m proven wrong on all accounts, but I just wanted to get your opinion
  6. I always thought she looked her sexiest in the Cannibal shoot
  7. UGGGGHHHH Me: I love boys! Never really been attracted to any girls! Kesha: *exists* Me: *sweats nervously*
  8. Queen of making the gays QUESTION (at least me )
  9. Y’all can we just appreciate and acknowledge how SEXY Kesha’s voice is? When she does that lilt in her voice amazing. “Now that you’re living with the vampires” UGH
  10. ... and there is no Camilla award why?? nicki1 

    1. mercury.co.uk


      An artist needs to have at least 1 LP I believe to get a badge 

    2. Honey


      25 minutes ago, Harry Styles said:

      An artist needs to have at least 1 LP I believe to get a badge 

      Ooooh okay!!! Thank you! fall1 you’d think I’d know this by now fall2 

  11. Ooooh that’s right! Came right around the era of Lover oh 2014 (even though lover was 15 )
  12. Thank you! I became super inactive for a period of time Without the Kesha section being active I felt estranged
  13. I’ve been here almost three years I think omg though the winning is a new thing I think... maybe
  14. I’ve never won anything before
  15. I love Stephen!!! animal is so wonderful! I honestly prefer Cannibal!!! But that’s mostly because that’s around the time I began to stan! That was the album I first got into, so its like my classic album I know what you mean about the songs though. CUNT to me is the true shame of the album. Justice for 7am and Shots on the Hood of My Car The gems on it shine brighter than the bad tracks so that’s why I love it ❤️ Cannibal, Harold Song, We R, Crazy Beautiful Ugh. So much nostalgia
  16. Do you prefer animal or cannibal? (Have we talked about this? )
  17. It should have been With the right promo that album could have truly KILLED it I also would have liked to see DINOSAUR released for the kiis
  19. Honestly I don't know I just remembered I didn't like them too too much on Blah. I'm listening to Animal
  20. I'm just glad to bring some positivity!!! Omg Just searching the whole time on my profile Also... What's your thoughts on 3OH!3
  21. It's no problem!!! I forgot if Onika has it set up to let you know or not so I wanted to tell you to make sure you knew!!! Enjoy sweetheart!!!