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  1. Nevermind I got A 1200x1200
  2. Has anyone found a HQ of the album cover? The best I have is 600x600
  3. Are you actually straight? if you are you may be the only animal on this site who is. You deserve a gold star honestly
  4. Or if they want we can get creative! Kesha’s Pancreas is always an option
  5. Please join!!! It’s actually lovely. You can be one of Kesha’s tits!
  6. That would be fantastic! Though sadly, I don’t think greatest hits are in fashion anymore
  7. Im sorry for all the animals that are nervous ❤️ I hate that feeling. I hope there’s a song soon you guys’ll like
  8. I mean, I've honestly always been a bit averse to the first singles I appreciated die young and praying when they came out, but they didn't make me wanna replay often at first. But c'mon and woman had me dancing around like crazy and being incredibly hyped up. So it may just be the same case. Well... I haven't heard the snippet yet. I enjoyed Best Day while others didn't (even though i know you like it Tom <3) so maybe there's hope!
  9. God i hope this isn't a case of the 4th album curse
  10. Now i'm getting nervous. I don't know why. She'll be fine either way.
  11. Honestly that lyric is just me @ my dogs and cats
  12. “I like the way you are. You really make my day, even though I don’t understand a fucking word you say.” she’s such a romantic
  13. Carrie Underwood turned on the rainbow lights for Love Wins cry0 God her vocals are INSANE. 

  14. With the finale... I Taste Like A Cherry... Kesha’s Cherry Pie Recipe
  15. “I’m talking 1 tablespoon of salt (salt) 3 quarter cups of milk (milk) Gotta mix it if it’s too damn thick (thick)”
  16. NO! K4 IS the cookbook kesha singing her old family recipes. The billboard charts are NOT SAFE


  18. What a dream to have kesha sing along with you to her own songs also happy 666th page
  19. Not to be a person who shoves their stuff down your guys' throats but I had so much fun editing this
  21. “If I am honest I’m just not hooked on your phonics”
  22. “We 69in’ on the 66 across the cunt-trees and autumn leaves kneeling right before the sun” we love a poet