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  1. @ajp is this site legit?? https://shop.carlyraemusic.com/
  2. I Put A Spell on You or Bad Moon Rising!
  3. This time I’m gonna actually fucking buy it I missed out on emotion side b
  4. I know we want something new, but if this was side B’s artwork I would not complain holy shit.
  5. Wait what?? Oh my god can you give me a hint as to where to find it?
  6. God I’m so excited I hope we get a title track
  7. the flicker on the B at the end of the video she’s coming
  8. Thus forcing everyone to get AirPods I’m not looking forward to not being able to easily charge and be on my phone
  9. I’ve gotta go with Don’t Start Now but I’m extremely biased because I’m highly enamored with everything that is Future Nostalgia
  10. It has Alien and Perfume which are two of my favorite Britney songs so I will always love it for that. But overall, I’m not the biggest fan. For me it has some highs but has more lows than anything.
  11. I love both versions, but my favorite has to be the Candlelight by far. It’s so fucking good
  12. For those of you who love this song, which version to you prefer?
  13. Honey

    Game Kesha: Crossword

    Okay wait... I keep typing #5 and it says I’m wrong
  14. Honey

    Game Kesha: Crossword

    Oh I love it! I’m gonna play
  15. I like it a lot better than the original honestly!
  16. They say love is religion, so say a prayer with me 


  17. We (the animals) have our own discord now. I tried to do stuff on FOTP but they’re kinda content over there.