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  1. We (the animals) have our own discord now. I tried to do stuff on FOTP but they’re kinda content over there.
  2. 1. Levitating 1. Love Again 3. Break My Heart 4. Pretty Please 5. Hallucinate 6. Don’t Start Now 7. Physical 8. Future Nostalgia 9. Cool 10. Good in Bed 11. Boys Will Be Boys accurate! not a single bad song though
  3. Oh my god I didn’t even notice I did that nnnnnn
  4. 1. Cannibal 2. Rainbow 3. Animal 4. High Road 5. High Road
  5. I love the ARTPOP one! You're so talented
  6. I would nominate: Hallucination Heart's On Fire While You Were Sleeping
  7. Hello everybody! It has been awhile since there's been a Kesha megarate. I would really like to try and do an unreleased megarate, but considering the size of the catalogue, i figured it would be better to dumb it down If we get at least 7 people to join, I think it could be successful. If you want to join, select yes on the poll, then write 3 songs you want in the megarate.
  8. 1. Speak Now 2. RED 3. 1989 4. Lover 5. Fearless 6. Reputation 7. TS1
  9. Also the Venus performance all of the muppets going “VENUS” was an experience
  10. Yes I saw it when it aired!! It was so so cute. There’s gotta be a way to find it. I have the sound rip somewhere
  11. Bastards | Tonight Let 'Em Talk | My Own Dance Woman | Raising Hell Hymn | High Road Praying | Shadow Learn To Let Go | Honey Finding You | Cowboy Blues Rainbow | Resentment Hunt You Down | Little Bit of Love Boogie Feet | Birthday Suit Boots | Kinky Old Flames | The Potato Song Godzilla | BFF Spaceship | Father Daughter Dance Emotional | Chasing Thunder r: 8 hr: 7
  12. Rolling in the Deep > Hello > Set Fire > Someone Like You... all incredible songs
  13. I don’t think I could pick! They are both gorgeous in their own unique ways. It’s like, when they’re gorgeous, they’re GORGEOUS. You know?
  14. I truly wonder if it’s her or her label who’s responsible for the long wait. Either way, why the long wait? Why not use the hype she’d been getting from ASIB and Grammys?
  15. 1. Best Night of Our Lives 2. Fuck It 3. Misfits of Creation 4. High as Fuck 5. Love You (Even Though You Hate) 6. Sloppy-Seconds 7. Was That You? 8. You Hurt Me 9. Sad Eyes 10. Eyes for You 11. Secret (Keep It Kinky) 12. Cake 13. The Story of Kesha and Wrabel 14. Broken From the Start 15. Gypsy Blood 16. I Guess I Missed You 17. House-Down
  16. Title! If you had to change the titles, what would you change them to?
  17. I would LOVE it it means he put a lot of thought and planning into it and horror is my favorite genre of any subject. It would be scary at the moment, but a badass memory
  18. I vote yes, but it’s not her magnum opas by any means has some highs and some moderates. I wouldn’t really say it has too many lows.
  19. Why does everyone forget Kesha has had 3 number 1s it’s like the whole Animal/Cannibal era never happened