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  1. We (the animals) have our own discord now. I tried to do stuff on FOTP but they’re kinda content over there.
  2. 1. Levitating 1. Love Again 3. Break My Heart 4. Pretty Please 5. Hallucinate 6. Don’t Start Now 7. Physical 8. Future Nostalgia 9. Cool 10. Good in Bed 11. Boys Will Be Boys accurate! not a single bad song though
  3. I love the ARTPOP one! You're so talented
  4. 1. Speak Now 2. RED 3. 1989 4. Lover 5. Fearless 6. Reputation 7. TS1
  5. Also the Venus performance all of the muppets going “VENUS” was an experience
  6. Yes I saw it when it aired!! It was so so cute. There’s gotta be a way to find it. I have the sound rip somewhere
  7. Rolling in the Deep > Hello > Set Fire > Someone Like You... all incredible songs
  8. I don’t think I could pick! They are both gorgeous in their own unique ways. It’s like, when they’re gorgeous, they’re GORGEOUS. You know?
  9. I truly wonder if it’s her or her label who’s responsible for the long wait. Either way, why the long wait? Why not use the hype she’d been getting from ASIB and Grammys?
  10. I would LOVE it it means he put a lot of thought and planning into it and horror is my favorite genre of any subject. It would be scary at the moment, but a badass memory
  11. I vote yes, but it’s not her magnum opas by any means has some highs and some moderates. I wouldn’t really say it has too many lows.
  12. Why does everyone forget Kesha has had 3 number 1s it’s like the whole Animal/Cannibal era never happened
  14. I love it so much. Think it’d do okay as the single. But I really have no faith that she is releasing anything ever until it happens
  15. Same! I got halfway through!!! nightfall forever and a night throw your love away WBW And Questions are highlights for me so far!
  16. Been meaning to listen to this! The album art is gorgeous