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  1. Today only 43. I’m not sure how
  2. Guys... Busbee died he was on Boom Boom Bang. He was so young.
  3. This is about to be an EXTREMELY unpopular opinion, I’m sure. But Go On Roll is one of my favorite unreleased songs it’s so raw and folksy. I would love an album or an EP with songs of that nature
  4. I know that, chart-wise, people will say that Kesha peaked during the Animal era. But good god when it comes to quality of the music and her passion, she never seems to peak every era seems to feel more and more Kesha no matter what she does. It makes the music so much fun.
  5. God what a beautiful woman
  6. When you guys are ready to join, hit this! https://discord.gg/2u5cJAC
  7. I can make it!!!! Gimme your addresses everyone!
  8. Or just voice!! We should plan a time!!!
  9. Hey animals, I know FOTP has a discord, but would y’all wanna group call sometime? I think that’d be fun!
  10. Oh well... there’s $25 dollars
  11. Me too! I just renewed it now. @Onika what’s goin on? Did I break something?
  12. I love how in the demo during the build up before the final chorus she says “mr. DJ”
  13. I kinda love it more and uploaded it under the Sheezus tapes in 7 am
  14. Yes! I have it I believe or @Sheezus did on his unreleased mixtapes
  15. There's a few I've come across like Microphone where no one but the one I posted at times. I know you have it now, but I'm just doing a run through check just to double check like I found a clearer Leave it Alone and little unreleased songs. You did a kickass job though! I'm just kinda doin my own little thing
  16. When you see the shit stains in his Ksubi Jeans
  17. When it’s done I’ll upload it IF anyone is interested we have so many versions already
  18. Also, to add on, I’m currently comparing each version of the tracks we have from different collections to get the most clear sounding one