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  1. I love it so much. Think it’d do okay as the single. But I really have no faith that she is releasing anything ever until it happens
  2. Same! I got halfway through!!! nightfall forever and a night throw your love away WBW And Questions are highlights for me so far!
  3. Been meaning to listen to this! The album art is gorgeous
  4. It’s like Skype but more involved!
  5. Superior creature in every way
  6. Not that it’s super important but I’m back to the old username dead2 


    And no I’m not H.O.N.E.Y., I was the lesser known one. 


    1. Divine


      the better, sane one too whit2 

    2. Madonna


      31 minutes ago, Divine said:

      the better, sane one too whit2 


    3. Kuchisabishii


      The one everyone loves katyanna1

  7. Tug of War is underrated as hell and I Still Wonder might be my favorite Carly song. This has been Andrew’s unnecessary comment for today
  8. I knoooow I wish we had it, I also wish we had more Cannibal stuff
  9. Imagine if we talked in this like we did the discord
  10. I think in the way we know them, yes. I think there will be more reigning “popular” stars that people love, but I would bet that the concept will be much different than what we know now.
  11. I can’t watch the time go by, I won’t keep it inside, gonna freak out let it go
  12. Welp... I guess we have this
  13. @RihannaRTT because of the new rule I have a chance for a Miranda badge
  14. Okay so last song of 2019: Ribs - Lorde First song of 2020: Green Light - Lorde
  15. Not sure yet! But I know my first song of 2019 was Summertime Sadness if that’s worth anything
  16. It’s not bad! But it doesn’t really do it for me it’s nice to get something new though!