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  1. Enchanted will always spellbound me forever ❤️
  2. Hoping for Billie and Lizzo to get their rightful awards
  3. I love Christmases When You Were Mine! One of her best songs IMO
  4. Most of them I‘m sure many of the artists will continue to deliver quality, but when it comes to commercial success only a handful will make it I guarantee.
  5. A throwback imready1 Jesusssss


  6. Could you just imagine a world where Kesha acted like a prissy celebrity? but instead she’s completely clueless about drama and wears bras made of teeth
  7. NOOOOO. ”kesha listen ilysm don’t tell Luke.” ”Kesha please answer omfg leak LipSha”
  8. I don’t even watch Emma Stone movies but the extreme adoration of her on this site makes me inexplicably happy I don’t even know her well and I’m rooting for her
  9. @Onika you know what to do
  10. @Mods delete my FOTP account
  12. So it's basically him going through how he plagarizes
  13. Wait oh my god I've never heard his voice... Not what I expected
  14. I wouldn't completely discount Billie. Unless you're not counting her in the pop category. But she may have some driving force behind her. It's hard to say.
  15. Not to be a greedy fucker, but when do you all think we’re getting the next song?
  16. I wanna do a Kesha thread but everyone’s asleepppp