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  1. Also, to add on, I’m currently comparing each version of the tracks we have from different collections to get the most clear sounding one
  2. YES I’m currently recreating my unreleased collection. I’m struggling to identify which songs were ACTUALLY meant for animal and cannibal, not ones that just happened to come before animal like Butterscotch and Bootycall which sonically fit on animal versus Bad Dream or Last Boyfriend. They sound newer than something like Sunday morning, but still sound like demos she was pumping out while trying to get recognized by a label
  3. Or just convert them using While You Were Sleeping GODDAMMIT LUKE THIS ONE DESERVED TO SURVIVE PAST THE STUDIO
  4. That would be terrifying actually I stan
  5. Sorry Kesha haters, I can’t hear you over the sound of the guillotine
  6. Execute the non-believers Executed
  7. I mean who doesn't love the word of the lord thanks be to god???
  8. Bill Hader getting what he DESERVES gaga3 Emmy’s treating him right. 

  9. Also... can we all agree that DINOSAUR should have been a single?? I’ve come across so many people who don’t even listen to Kesha regularly who know DINOSAUR just as much as Tik Tok
  10. C’mon single cover??? Is that you??
  11. Shirtless dan?? Also I’m convinced she really hoards all of her fan’s stuff
  12. That’s amazing Also, not to just keep jabbering away. But I’m listening to animal all the way through right now (which I haven’t done in a long long time). And I gotta say, holy hell the whip lash you get going from Blah Blah Blah to Hungover
  13. Do you remember when kesha would causally ask girls at the concert to take their boobs out and they would. talk about stage presence
  14. Also, adding on to that, I know Kesha didn’t like her whole party image, but it makes me happy to see the soft spot the GP has for her. I get the vibe that the general consensus is that people want her to succeed and be happy. Even though a lot of people on here claim she was just a flash in the pan, the public almost considers differently. Like with the trial, she disappeared for years, which is enough to take any popstar out of people’s minds. But as soon as the trial came around and the news spread, everyone was very protective and loving of their “party girl.” I think she’s made more peopl
  15. You know sometimes I forget that, at one time, Kesha was a chart force to be feared Literally people ate up almost every single she put out from Animal/Cannibal she really became an icon of the 2010s
  16. Gonna say publicly and unabashedly that Richie Tozier is one of my all-time favorite character crushes gaga4 thank you for your time, FOTP. gaga4 go see IT chapter 2. 

    1. Dan


      I wish they had made him come out in the movie, would've been cute gaga4

    2. Chris


      i still havent seen either It chapters fall3 

    3. Dan


      @Chris Morlock You should definitely check out the first one, I really liked it! Second one was alright, I had a lot of problems with it, but it's a must-watch if you like the first :D 

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  17. Hmmm... a message I sent kesha over twitter in 2016 now is said to be sent to a “Sophie” @breatheandsmile The location of the person says Kesha Rose and Jenette McCurdy
  18. I honestly don’t know how the hell to play that game
  19. Have you tried MP3 Tag? Legendary!!!