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  1. this new sweet but psycho version slaps


  2. Girl ain’t playing around this era burn1


  3. Baby, you're so ghetto
    You're looking to score
    When they all say hello
    You try to ignore them


  4. can we animals as a fandom be honest to kesha and stop pretending that we dig songs like here comes the change and the whole country vibe? like if K4 is mostly country i'm out

  5. vesp

    vesp    Honey

    That AVI though - a lifetime stan. moo9

  6. Watched 2 seasons of Golden Girls in 2 weeks fall4 

  7. Adele's 21 > 25
    Don't say it to my math teacher tho


  8. Adele's 21 > 25
    Don't say it to my math teacher tho


  9. Apparently new Carly songs leaked yas2

  10. My anxiety is killing me today.

  11. Update on the last status: here's the merch I designed dead7


  12. I'Mfall9FUCKINfall9DONEfall9


  13. I can't at the media being dead silent on Johnny Depp exposing Amber Heard for what she truly is. He literally pulled out every receipt in history: 87 video surveillances. Not 1,2,3,4,5,6,7........but 87 fall3 

  14. I wanna drink hand sanitizer rn