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  1. Kesha we’re preparing our spare organs
  2. Honestly I’m kinda glad it’s nice to not be stressed about the numbers
  3. Guys the playlists look gorgeous cry7 

  4. Literally how many other favs would do that??? How could you not love this woman
  5. Yeah I know :/ but sadly it’s not about album sales, it’s about number of active fans on the site. Most of Billie’s fans are on Twitter, so there’s not too much reason to have a section here.
  6. My immediate response was “let’s open FOTP”
  7. Yeah I’m okay ❤️ Like I kid you not my alarm jolted me out of REM and a depressing nightmare so it’s taking me a minute to regain myself
  8. I’m too melted to correct any of the typos
  9. No I I mean I’m not on crack But maybe I am because I SWEAR I looked up “is Kesha a vegetarian” and it was all like “agshsh kehsa eat burger” and I was like oh maybe she changed her mind. But I just looked it up and there’s like 5 zillion arfickes saying “bi and veggitsrian”
  10. Cuz I’m on crack not eally I just woke up from an awful nightmare and I’m not put back together yet. Also I looked it up once and I remember burger
  11. I thought so too, but for some reason I thought she was eating burgers recently not that I’d be mad. It’s just nice to have stuff in common with her
  12. Is kesha still a vegetarian???? I don’t know. But I knew she was Bi! I would love a fellow vegetarian queen
  13. I loved this not to shade Taylor or Gaga or anyone who has made campaigns for the gays (because what they are doing is amazing and wonderful and so so so appreciated) but there’s something really special about the way Kesha treats the LGBT community. It’s almost like it’s an obvious for her. You know? Not saying that others aren’t as genuine, but coming from her, her support has always seemed SUPER genuine. You know?
  14. That’s okay I was just always curious
  15. @Americunt hey! Random ass question so for the West Coast mixes, do you know the difference between the “final mix” and the “Rob Orton mix?” Maybe my ears aren’t trained enough, but I can’t hear anything different
  16. Would anyone wanna update the stan badge?
  17. Does anyone have alternate covers for Lover that they've seen/made? I know it's a bubbly album, but I really want something more serious giveup3 thanks in advance

    1. Chris


      i have this shrug1 


  18. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!!
  19. You can have your space, cowboy cry5 

    I ain’t gonna fence you in cry8 

    1. Fletch


      Go on ride away in your silverado brit2

      guess I’ll see you round again bebe1


  20. Actually, you know what @Dan? If not a folksy album, and she had to do a pop one, I would honestly cast my vote for the dark electro sound that Lover has
  21. I hear ya honestly I’m fine with whatever she puts out. As long as it’s genuinely her. Her songs feel like Kesha, if you get what I mean