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  1. I'm hell on heels, say what you will
    I've done made the devil a deal
    He made me pretty, he made me smart
    And I'm going to break me a million hearts


    1. RihannaRTT


      This diamond ring on my hand
      Is the only good thing that came from that man
      Got a GTO from one named Joe
      And a big piece of land down in Mexico


    2. Honey


      I’m hell on heels, baby I’m coming for you 





  2. Just gonna say, @Luca is a CRIMINALLY underrated FOTP member. Not only is he extremely nice and adorable as hell, he happens to be extremely talented in terms of graphic design and music production. He doesn’t get nearly as much praise as he should. For sure one of FOTP’s most talented members. Thank you for coming to my TED talk kylie6

    1. Luca


      Imagine thinking you're overrated... luv.. not on our watches! clap1 

    2. Honey


      hug1 ❤️

    3. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      Oh heres the chai

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  3. Just blasting the entirety of Blackout in the shower at the lovely hour of 11 o’clock PM mess1 Thursday complete 

  4. Do you ever find that even though your fav has great music, there’s that one song that just kicks the SHIT out of every other song? gaga4 that’s a magical thing

  5. Your daily Inspirobot quote!


    1. Juinae


      the downvote brit15

    2. Honey


      Casual brit15 sometimes inspirobot spills the tea and it’s too hot 

    3. Hylia


      Upvoted #SpreadKindness #CancelNegativity brit15 

  6. I go everyday without it, all I want is real real love 💔
  7. WET I honestly really really love this song. If this is any indication of how K4 will sound I’m gonna be so happy
  8. Kesha updated her bio! It says “doesn’t mean I’m lost, I just like to wander.” also, iTunes says she’s a composer on the track. So what’s it a remix of?
  9. Okay but the animal cruelty free thing would sell me
  10. That’s what I’m hoping
  11. It sucks... but honestly to be fair we’ve waited just as long before
  12. I definitely have a feeling that real production is starting now no K4 till 2021
  13. I’m going to throw myself out the window oh my god yess
  14. I don’t know why I’m hyped but
  15. I didn’t realize how good Carly’s voice sounds live!!! 

    Also she got her sword out for NTIFY fall1 

    1. jrdn


      I'm sorry but i really just disagree. I don't think her live vocals are that good. She has poor breath control, is often off pitch, struggles with projection and is far too nasal. 

    2. Honey


      Well if that’s your opinion Mr vocal coach that’s fine! I can respect that. But you don’t have to post it on someone’s status who obviously enjoyed her show and her talent! 

    3. jrdn


      presst, well she's a great vocalist then, one of the best in the world....

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  17. “Madame X is very sensitive,” - Madonna on the tonight show just now dead2 

  18. Well I mean Yes but I do think he has a knack for pop music. He created a lot of good pop tracks. We can’t deny that, because we all stan animal, cannibal, and warrior (I know he didn’t produce every track, but still). You know? He wasn’t like some “profound composer,” but he really knew how to make a catchy tune. However, that being said, it doesn’t stop me from wishing he’d rot.
  19. It just fucking sucks because Luke is super talented. he just happens to be a talented fuck faced jackass
  20. Do you guys ever wonder what would have happened if Luke wasn’t an ass fuck? Like how many albums would she be on now? What would her sound be like??
  21. I know almost no one agrees, but Adele’s 25 > 21 jj4 just sayin 

    1. Fletch
    2. Dan


      They're both kind of perfect and incomparable fall1 

    3. Entea


      You're cray

  22. So last night I was baking, making chocolate covered strawberries while listening to music. And I ended up spilling the whole pot of boiling hot water on my foot jj4 So I’m in my house screaming because my foot feels like it’s on fire, as Paris Hilton’s song “I Want You” played over and over on repeat... it was an experience jj4 

    1. Hylia


      Reminds me of the time I was washing a pizza cutter, and while it was submerged in the soap, I accidentally cut my cuticle with it orangu1 

    2. Chris


      While technically not related on my 15th bday my brother hatched a brilliant idea to make our own chocolate milk shakes using our blender and turns out the blender was mad of glass and shattered Al over the floor when he dropped it orangu1


      Here's a picture of it (it was already uploaded on my mega account)


    3. Honey


      @Liquid Love rip2 

      @Chris Morlock It’s okay, in hindsight it was hilarious (minus the blisters)

      @Hylia OUCH! fall3 

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