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  1. witchcraft.


    “Ugh my MIND ”
  2. witchcraft.

    I can’t believe there was a time in my life where New Years Day was one of my least favorite songs from Tay I repent
  3. 100% accurate points. Beautifully written essay skills, 10/10. End Game getting the shade it DESERVES. love this post
  4. witchcraft.

    Celeb News

    all good things come to an end
  5. In terms of the GP, which single from reputation will be remembered the most? Every era seems to have that one song that outshines the rest, even if other singles did just as well. Just in your opinion! interested in what y'all think i.e. "When I think of Self-Titled, I think of 'Teardrops...'" "When I think of Fearless, I think of 'You Belong With Me'" "When I think of Speak Now, I think of 'Mine'" "When I think of Red, I think of 'WANEGBT'" "When I think of 1989, I think about 'Shake it Off/Blank Space'"
  6. witchcraft.


    Disney ALWAYS does that but you’re so right. This song is INCREDIBLE
  7. witchcraft.


    the prophecy
  8. witchcraft.


    I wept. Then was depressed for four days after
  9. @TomTom I need this concept album IMMEDIATELY