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  1. They might be, but I doubt they're as embarrassing as your thread about the forbes list. :lmfao:
  2. well you're wrong, back to the topic of Britney missing from the Forbes list, when she's been on it several times and at the number 1 spot.
  3. "Guess who dat ummm uummm 'nani 'nani . ." metaphors that make me think indeed.
  4. Cause she's a talent less dirt poor hasbeen, who still manages to have you and so many others pressed for the nerves. She probably wasn't even submitted, these highest earning celebrities are on the list because their team allowed it and collaborated with Forbes. You can keep on trying.
  5. Everyone here must be a genius who's never once made a mistake, starting with the op and the sis Gabe and RedAngelo. You bitches mad.
  6. I love Mr.Brainwash, that brit, marilyn, madonna portrait is flawless.
  7. Like why do we even bring up the dollar store backup vocalist that is Mia Maria, cause she recorded that mess Candy from a strange? poor thing can't even get her own style, or career.
  8. What happened was Katy intimidated by the huge talent that is Serena Gomez? it's not like they have the same demographic, Selena is like 10 years younger than Katy, yet they kinda do sing the same kinda music. . Wonder what really went down.
  9. I better get Bryan on the line, I've got a cute 15 year old he might be interested in meeting as long as I get cast as the new Storm.
  10. Those 2 specific songs never get old imo, some of blackout may sound a bit dated like hot as ice and toys oldier but most of the Danja tracks are so intricate and we'll produced especially the finished versions, With correct promo those songs would of been huge.. i imagine danja has some tricks up his sleeve if Britney rings him up..