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  1. I saw that they was already a thread on this but I wanted to share this as a preview of what's to come. I create fanmade tours out of fun so expect a full blown project to come in a few days but anyways here we go! ACT ONE - Smoking Car interlude 1. Diamond Heart 2. John Wayne 3. LoveGame 4. Yoü and I (Mark Taylor Remix) 5. Perfect Illusion ACT TWO - I am Joanne interlude (Joanne playing) 6. The Edge of Glory 7. Born This Way (Country Road Version 8. Sinner's Prayer 9. Bad Romance ACT THREE - Demons "Rhino" interlude (Judas Goldfrapp remix) 10. Judas (Hurts Remix and DJWS remix) 11. Scheisse/Heavy Metal Lover/Bloody Mary 12. Angel Down ACT FOUR: Cult interlude 13. Come to Mama 14. Hey Girl 15. Just Dance (Space Cowboy remix) 16. Poker Face (LLG vs. GLG)/Marry The Night ACT FIVE: SEXXX interlude (Sexxx Dreams/I Want Your Love distorted) 17. Alejandro (Spanish Guitars) 18. Dancin' In Circles 19. Do What U Want 20. A-YO ENCORE Angel Rises interlude 21. Applause 22. Million Reasons (Andrelli Remix) 23. The Cure
  2. Lost. I was overweight, depressed and suicidal for over a year and one day I felt as if I could actually go through with killing myself but then Lost came in my shuffle and hearing this pop superstar feel how I did and still rise to the top was incredibly inspiring so I kept it repeat for hours and felt strength again. That was over five years ago and now I'm happy, engaged, fit and healthy making my dreams come true. Thank you Katy
  3. http://www.idolator.com/7666233/liam-payne-shirtless-strip-that-down
  4. What songs by Kesha officially released are not produced by him? Thank god he isn't on Rainbow 🌈
  5. https://youtu.be/pjdhqCZQGlQ Pokémon Soundtrack Queen
  6. I'm thinking they are gonna be her opening acts for the inevitably named Joanne Ball Tour I love Grimes St. Vincent
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    Please send me the link
  8. Can you imagine a world where Britney sung Umbrella. I'm happy Rihanna got it instead. Kylie skipped out on Toxic which would've impacted her in the US so much especially after CGYOMH
  9. Gym Leaders Sia Ghost Yamask Mimikyu Chanderlure Ariana Grande Normal Minccino Furfrou (Heart Trim) Mega Lopunny Miley Cyrus Electric Elekid Electrode Mega Manetric Katy Perry Fairy Jigglypuff Granbull Slurpuff Sylveon Rihanna Grass Maractus Carnvine Roserade Alolan Exegutor Lady Gaga Dark Alolan Meowth Weavile Honchkrow Mega Absol Taylor Swift Fire Magby Rapidash Pyroar (Female) Talonflame Mega Blaziken Elite Four Britney Spears Poison Seviper Crobat Vileplume Nidoqueen Dragagle Beyoncé Bug Forretress Vikavolt Vespiqueen Volcarona Mega Scizor Mariah Carey Ice Froslass Jynx Walrein Auroras Alolan Ninetales Adele Water Politoed Swanna Jellicent (Female) Lapras Mega Gyrados Champion Madonna Rock Kabutops Cradily Carracosta Bastiodon Tyrantrum Mega Aerodyctyl Thoughts? Get any shade? The references?
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    As a songwriter I greatly appreciate this!!! Thank you ☺️
  11. Are they not on sale yet?
  12. I honestly think Britney labeling Britney Jean as her most personal album yet was her way of mocking that Myah pretty much did it all under Will.I.Am.Shit's control as exec. producer. Damn clever and I know people are quick to call her a ditz but she's always been a rebel. Also Glory is giving me the same feels that the Circus era gave. She's making the music she wants to and is serving vocals and promo! Glory is ITZ 2.0 from what has been released and I love it!!! I think she got over people's shit!