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  1. NCIS Sparksfly or Blank Space
  2. What's your condition why you take morphine????
  3. Is naples where good pasta's are??? Rome reminds me of vatican :)
  4. With bad economy i guess i'm used to it since i'm living my entire life in a bad economy here. :) Yeah. But i'm just planning to visit italy :) especially venice
  5. I hope that wouldn't happen to SIO and Blank Spce. Why?? Venice seems to be a good place.
  6. I will :) Gonna be another no.1 i guess :)
  7. Yeah. Wait till i get enough money :)
  8. Blank Space slays me so hard :)
  9. Yeah. That is why i'm planning to pass my resignation and transfer to other workplace. This is too much its like i'm killing myself.