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  1. Blank page was the only great song from 1989.
  2. LL will give justice to Birthday and TIHWD.
  3. Acoustically or not it will always be Thinking of you.
  4. And it was broken already....
  5. Good Enough??? IDK you can ask jeffrey too. :)
  6. It keeps on restarting. They say i must replace the hard drive.
  7. Yeah. That's why i cant post emoticons :)
  8. That thrash. Katy needs to settle down. :)
  9. IDK. It keeps on restarting. I guess i should replace this one.
  10. Avoid dating guys like riff raff or john mayer. IDK diplo's history from her girls. :)
  11. Yeahhh!! :) keeps on shading Mariah. :) Broken Laptop again...
  12. Commit to a decent man and have babies :)