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  1. Yeah. I'll be tweeting some stuffs about TIHWD tomorrow. OMG. I'm excited.
  2. Yeah the radio version sounds faster and the bring the beat back part sounds echoey
  3. WTF Help me http://fotpforums.com/uploads/emoticons/default_.gif' alt='fall2'>
  4. This is awesome Can't wait .gif' alt='cry3'>
  5. 1 Don’t Stop | 5 Seconds Of Summer 2 A Sky Full Of Stars | Coldplay 3 I Will Never Let You Go | Rita Ora 4 Maps | Maroon 5 5 Birthday | Katy Perry
  6. This is how we do is now a pop pick in Philippines. .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'> Waiting till it climbs the chart
  7. I am still hoping a scene that she drags Mariah from where she states Mariah careyoke on the song. gaga5
  8. Oh thank you. I am planning to go there in the near future