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  1. Not counting the Xmas ones. MC - Vanishing, Love Takes Time, Vision of Love Emotions - If It's Over, Can't Let Go, Emotions Music Box - Anytime You Need A Friend, Music Box, All I've Ever Wanted Daydream - Looking In, Forever, When I Saw You Butterfly - Breakdown, The Roof, Close My Eyes Rainbow - Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme), Bliss, Rainbow (Interlude) Glitter - If We, Loverboy, Reflections (Care Enough) Charmbracelet - The One, Through the Rain (Remix), Clown TEOM - Shake It Off, Fly Like a Bird, Your Girl E=MC2 - Migrate, Sid
  2. I like the deluxe edition & target deluxe covers a lot. Standard's was too photoshopped....But the actual aesthetic of it was pleasing.
  3. Okay Lambily! It's time we all got together and streamed the hell out of this video! Let's get Mariah another certification!!!
  4. I love Butterfly, Rainbow, and E=MC2's photoshoots. And Charmbracelet as well. She looked gorgeous in the Charmbracelet photos.
  5. Honestly, that should've been the album cover.
  6. Britney: 20 In The Zone: 65 (+) Blackout: 50 Circus: 30 (-) Femme Fatale: 50 Glory: 55
  7. I get you. On instagram, we see the more personal side of her that her team has kept hidden. She is a boring mom now, but that's part of her charm! Own it.
  8. LOL I love you dahhhling. You always make me smile.
  9. Don't be a goat, babe. You're better than this.
  10. I'm sorry! I love Daydream a lot. Looking In is one of the closest songs to my heart....That being said, I think the overall hip-hoppy vibe she started transitioning to on butterfly (well, started on fantasy remix and continued with butterfly) is more my taste. But Daydream is literally the epitome of vocal legends.