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  1. Mason

    I feel like Memoirs is a grower. I didn't like it much when I first heard it. I gave it a couple more tries, and it's now in my top 3 Mariah albums.
  2. So, I made a thread not too long ago about my Mariah YouTube channel where I make mashups and other cool videos, but I recently made a mashup of 2 On & It's Like That, and it's honestly incredible!!! I wanted to share with everyone.
  3. I would be Butterfly or Daydream because I'm a critically acclaimed MASTERPIECE @Sylk would be Glitter because he's a flop you either love or hate @Skyline would be #1 to Infinity - reminiscing on his past success but flopping miserably because he's a GOAT
  4. Mason

    Thanks dahhhling. Feel free to nominate me for something xoxo
  5. Mason


    So true! I love Talk that Talk. That being said, Anti is her best album and also her most artistic. I love it, and the wait was so worth it.
  6. Mason


    Erotica, but unfortunately was overshadowed by her sex book. The album itself is phenomenal.
  7. Mason


    In the Zone. It's her most diverse too, since it has sexually empowering songs (tomh), heartbreak (everytime & shadow), and overall fun bops (toxic, MATM)
  8. Mason


    Heartbreaker remix vs never too far
  9. Mason


    if it's over vs heartbreaker remix
  10. Mason

    Stellar sounds like Stella so that explains why I hate it.
  11. I'm sad Bon Appetit didn't smash. My fave pop song of 2017.