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  1. Anastasia6227

    Intuition be Selena Gomez
  2. Anastasia6227

    shoder. I Know Places or Wildest Dreams (both by Taylor Swift on 1989 album)
  3. Anastasia6227

    Bad Blood in my ass
  4. now the party's over and everybody's gone. i'm left here with myself and I wonder what went wrong. and now my heart is broken like the bottles on the floor. does it really matter? Or am I just hung over you? Or am I just hungover?
  5. Anastasia6227

    love that song.
  6. Anastasia6227

    Black Widow in my ass
  7. Anastasia6227

    Dunno who that is. 1989
  8. Anastasia6227

    Chlamydia in my ass. jk.
  9. Anastasia6227

  10. Anastasia6227

    Womanizer in my ass. Plastic in my ass. (Plastic is Britney unreleased) He About To Loose Me in my ass. Your Body in my ass.