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  1. i hope so tho i cant imagine the visuals, the booklet, the cover...idk
  2. she can join forces with will am and have her britney jean era
  3. i really like better man i wish she didnt give away that song :_(
  4. i cant imagine that at all her gq shoot wasnt really sexy cuz lbr she has no ''boobs'' or ass i wish she goes back to her roots but stays pop like the better man
  5. she used lots of nature pics for first 2 albums then fairytale kind of mood for speak now then nature/bohemian for red urban/classy for 1989 idk what could be the visual for ts6 i just hope she wont bleach her hair tbh
  6. i wonder from where are all those red spots on her chest tho
  7. Ricky MartinVerified account ‏@ricky_martin If I got a dollar for every time I got distracted......Throw up your hands if you love a big #booty too bad he's gay. i should ungay him. he's so sexy i would eat him..... :giveup: