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  1. 489.140 streams on monday!!!!! IT'S RIDING HIGHHHHHH
  2. jesus. literally neither of these. remixes we never needed.
  3. I very much love this album. I love why it was made, I love it's message, and to me it's an album that is quintessential Katy Perry. It's been a little over a year and I still smile as I listen to it all the way through. It has such an uplifting and euphoric charm that I don't think people are open to. Either way though, this is a highlight in Katy's discography and criminally underrated.
  4. Aura || Witness || raindrops (an angel cried) Venus || Hey Hey Hey || blazed G.U.Y. || Roulette || the light is coming Sexxx Dreams || Swish Swish || R.E.M Jewels 'N Drugs || Deja Vu || God is a woman MANiCURE || Power || sweetener Do What U Want || Mind Maze || successful ARTPOP || Miss You More || everytime Swine || Chained To The Rhythm || breathin Donatella || Tsunami || no tears left to cry Fashion! || Bon Appetit || borderline Mary Jane Holland || Bigger Than Me || better off Dope || Save As Draft || goodnight n go Gypsy ||
  5. Chromatica I || Never Really Over Alice || Cry About It Later Stupid Love || Teary Eyes Rain On Me || Daisies Free Woman || Resilient Fun Tonight || Not The End Of The World (Both) Chromatica II || Smile 911 || Champagne Problems Plastic Doll || Tucked Sour Candy || Harleys In Hawaii Enigma || Only Love Replay || What Makes A Woman BONUS Chromatica III || Small Talk Sine From Above || Never Worn White 1000 Doves || Daisies (Acoustic) Babylon || Daisies
  6. this is a great album. absolutely amazing.
  7. STILL holding as my fav song of hers of all time. still so fresh and still a god damn BOP.
  8. honestly this is a god damn BANGER. it's quintessential pop music at it's FINEST. obsessed.
  9. she really out here making me go to vegas for her lmao but TAKE MY MONEYYYYYYY SO EXCITED
  11. Waking Up in Vegas Fingerprints Thinking of You Hot N Cold I Kissed a Girl Lost Mannequin One of the Boys Ur So Gay If You Can Afford Me Self Inflicted I'm Still Breathing I Think I'm Ready Black and Gold (live) Electric Feel (live) A Cup of Coffee Use Your Love