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  1. Waking Up in Vegas Fingerprints Thinking of You Hot N Cold I Kissed a Girl Lost Mannequin One of the Boys Ur So Gay If You Can Afford Me Self Inflicted I'm Still Breathing I Think I'm Ready Black and Gold (live) Electric Feel (live) A Cup of Coffee Use Your Love
  2. legit don't care about her hair color anymore lol but can't say this didn't make me super nostalgic. now about that blue wig katy...
  3. a big huge giant 10. literally her best song.
  4. I FORGOT ABOUT THE SHOW haahah but yay!
  5. i need need NEED never really over to be the final song in the set list. like with an instrumental that gives it extra oomf for a finale song, it would easily be just as amazing as firework.
  6. Teenage Dream vs. Roar Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) vs. Legendary Lovers California Gurls vs. Birthday Firework vs. Walking on Air Peacock vs. Unconditionally Circle the Drain vs. Dark Horse The One That Got Away vs. This Is How We Do E.T. vs. International Smile Who Am I Living For? vs. Ghost Pearl vs. Love Me Hummingbird Heartbeat vs. This Moment Not Like the Movies vs. Double Rainbow Part of Me vs. By the Grace of God Wide Awake vs. Spiritual Dressin' Up vs. It Takes Two E.T feat. Kanye vs. Choose Your Battles Teenage Dream: 14 Prism: 9
  7. it's alright. her mumbling is at an all time high on this one tho and it's low-key irritating.
  8. yes. disappointed actually. plus her mumbling is out of control i understood like 5 words the whole song
  9. KP4LYFE

    EP Camp Katy

    wellllll it's out now so nope not fake lmao
  10. KP4LYFE

    EP Camp Katy

    Katy is dropping an EP titled Camp Katy with 6 songs at midnight Tracklist: 1. Tucked 2. Peacock 3. California Gurls 4. Swish Swish 5. Walking On Air 6. Waking Up In Vegas WHAT IS THIS FOR!?!?!?! People be speculating this is a sign she's leaving Capitol?
  11. wow selena really got DRAGGED lmaoooo i was not expecting the total landslide