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  1. KP4LYFE

    it's alright. her mumbling is at an all time high on this one tho and it's low-key irritating.
  2. KP4LYFE

    yes. disappointed actually. plus her mumbling is out of control i understood like 5 words the whole song
  3. KP4LYFE


    wellllll it's out now so nope not fake lmao
  4. KP4LYFE


    Katy is dropping an EP titled Camp Katy with 6 songs at midnight Tracklist: 1. Tucked 2. Peacock 3. California Gurls 4. Swish Swish 5. Walking On Air 6. Waking Up In Vegas WHAT IS THIS FOR!?!?!?! People be speculating this is a sign she's leaving Capitol?
  5. KP4LYFE

    wow selena really got DRAGGED lmaoooo i was not expecting the total landslide
  6. KP4LYFE

    not y'all thinking that CGI video mess is better than the sexy cinema masterpiece
  7. KP4LYFE


    I Kissed a Girl: 16 Hot N Cold: 20 Waking Up in Vegas: 2 California Gurls: 20 Teenage Dream: 24 Firework: 30 E.T.: 6 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): 12 - The One That Got Away: 32 Part of Me: 20 Wide Awake: 32 + Roar: 16 Dark Horse: 8 Chained to the Rhythm: 28
  8. KP4LYFE


    erm yea so like Best Pop Vocal Album please and thanks. this is the only real pop album released in the past year and that actually SERVES vocals. thanks.
  9. hi um so is there an HD link ANYWHERE on the internet for immortal flame? in the rare instance i get married i'd love that as a potential wedding song and i'd rather not play the soundcloud version
  10. KP4LYFE


    Never Really Over vs. Witness Cry About It Later vs. Hey Hey Hey Teary Eyes vs. Roulette Daisies vs. Swish Swish Resilient vs. Déjà Vu Not the End of the World vs. Power Smile vs. Mind Maze Champagne Problems vs. Miss You More Tucked vs. Chained to the Rhythm Harleys in Hawaii vs. Tsunami Only Love vs. Bon Appétit What Makes a Woman vs. Bigger Than Me Small Talk vs. Save as Draft Never Worn White vs. Pendulum High On Your Supply vs. Into Me You See Witness: 5 Smile: 11
  11. KP4LYFE


    Teenage Dream OOTB Smile Witness Prism
  12. KP4LYFE


    not y'all really including This Is How We do lmao
  13. i LOVED this one so so much
  14. KP4LYFE


    Y'alls mixed reviews got me confused lol. This is easily some of the best work of her career. Katy brings pop PERFECTION on this record which is something that NO ONE else does or can do. It is really quintessential Katy and for that, it is full force amazing. The album really takes notes from the last 4 albums between the songwriting and the production and is a wonderful follow up. It's BOP after BOP all the way though and absolutely is smile inducing. This really is the strongest pop record to be released in a looooooong time.
  15. KP4LYFE


    I Kissed a Girl 18 Hot N Cold 20 Waking Up In Vegas 10 California Gurls 20 Teenage Dream 20 Firework 24 E.T 18 Last Friday Night 16 - The One That Got Away 26 Part Of Me 18 Wide Awake 30 + Roar 18 Dark Horse 20 Chained to the Rhythm 22