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  1. i love this girl. she's pure unapologetically pop and we need this so badly. we need that upbeat dance pop to make a return and she's def trying to do so and i love it. stream diamonds and dancefloors!!!
  2. only 10? try again hunny. billboard had to write a whole article about how many versions there are. https://www.billboard.com/pro/taylor-swift-midnights-every-version-album/ And noting that you have no comeback on everything else I said cuz it's true. also you're literally including random global versions of smile that katy has never even advertised.
  3. i'll happy have worms eat my brain before ever giving false praise to the subpar rehash album that is MIDnights
  4. sorry seems like you're missing where Katy begged her fans to buy every version. or specifically made remixes of songs for only a few hours for purchase only. or specifically made merchandise that enticed the fans to buy 4 versions of the Cd/Vinyl to make a tacky clock. oh right cuz that didn't happen. and at least Smile has vocals unlike some wanna be singers.
  5. she can break all the records she wants with this album, it's forgettable and no one will be listening in years to come. a local artist with no actual lasting impact. and i'd rather listen to just eat on a loop for the rest of my life than ever hear "the lyrical genius" attempt to sing "karma is a cat purring on my lap" ever again
  6. people literally danced to remixes of easy on me more than the remix of anti-hero. but keep telling yourself that LOL considering there's 27 versions of the album that she made her crazy fans have to own every one, are we shocked? she literally promoted a merch item wanting her fans to buy 4 albums at a time. the greed is real. enjoy paying 27 times for her laziest album yet.
  7. every bar i go to is not playing these songs and if they do i literally watched the dance floor die. i laugh.
  8. that's fine. she can enjoy it. cuz just like her last 3 albums, there's no legacy in any of her current music. no one is going to play anti-hero 10 years from now and think wow what a great time for music.
  9. believe you are mistaken, you mean The Loneliest Time? yep been streaming all day. not that other completely filler track album.
  10. she's in vegas till next September - we aint getting anything for a while lol
  11. because it's her worst album. lazy, not memorable, and doesn't showcase her vocals in the slightest. it's everything that ariana isn't supposed to be.