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  1. SUCH a great time!!! honestly the whole show - it felt like a combination of all the best parts of her tours combined and i fully blackout during NRO hearing it for the first time live haha easily proves to be one of her strongest songs! but the whole show was FANTASTIC an AMAZING time haha
  2. Here ya are! https://www.instagram.com/p/CYhIO4uJoQN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. i can't figure it out to add my photos im dumb haha about to just post a link to my instagram to my post about it haha
  4. YALL SHE WAS SO AMAZING IN VEGASSSS AHHHHH and this song sounded SO good live!!!!! i can figure out how to get my pics on here haha
  5. hhaaha THANKS! I shall! sitting smack in the middle 4th row from the stage going to absolutely CRY with joy ahha
  6. i can't stop listening to it haha im going to see her saturday in vegas and i can't wait for this song to SEND me
  7. literally her most versatile album to date and it's absolutely amazing. her lyricism on this album is incredible. stronger album than I ever expected it to be. the bar isn't low for her, but rather she is setting the bar so high no one else can reach her.
  8. everyone thought she was done, but i guess she's never really over
  9. 489.140 streams on monday!!!!! IT'S RIDING HIGHHHHHH
  10. jesus. literally neither of these. remixes we never needed.
  11. I very much love this album. I love why it was made, I love it's message, and to me it's an album that is quintessential Katy Perry. It's been a little over a year and I still smile as I listen to it all the way through. It has such an uplifting and euphoric charm that I don't think people are open to. Either way though, this is a highlight in Katy's discography and criminally underrated.
  12. Aura || Witness || raindrops (an angel cried) Venus || Hey Hey Hey || blazed G.U.Y. || Roulette || the light is coming Sexxx Dreams || Swish Swish || R.E.M Jewels 'N Drugs || Deja Vu || God is a woman MANiCURE || Power || sweetener Do What U Want || Mind Maze || successful ARTPOP || Miss You More || everytime Swine || Chained To The Rhythm || breathin Donatella || Tsunami || no tears left to cry Fashion! || Bon Appetit || borderline Mary Jane Holland || Bigger Than Me || better off Dope || Save As Draft || goodnight n go Gypsy ||