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  1. KP4LYFE

    i no like him. i cringe when people say they worked with him.
  2. KP4LYFE

    it's tragic. agree. this is a filler song at best in 2011 standards.
  3. nothing special. disappointed.
  4. KP4LYFE

    perfect pop music. something we don't have anymore. emotion was perfection.
  5. KP4LYFE

    not at all. at least she's real.
  6. KP4LYFE


    what even is this thread
  7. KP4LYFE

    we can only pray
  8. so like the past couple years have obvi been disastrous for pure pop music. filled with mumble rappers, weird indie bands, djs, etc basically leaving the good ole days of pop gurls in the dust. BUT are times changing? so first, The Middle is in line with a boppy pop song and could def have been from the pop era around 2007-2013. And now Meghan Trainor's No Excuses is killing it on iTunes and radio and is working on streaming. say what you want about her, but this song is PURE POP and the kind of pop that we've been missing so badly. is miss meghan going to be the one to begin to really guide us and the gp back to the wonderful world of pop girls???? DISCUSS
  9. because people like quality music
  10. KP4LYFE

    katy, while not strong now, has made her mark ladies.
  11. KP4LYFE

    not when i heard teenage dream on the radio today, dark horse a couple days ago, even wide awake two weeks ago
  12. KP4LYFE

    i can't un-see this. jesus.