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  1. Brooke Candy 😂😂😂 Oiii don’t be mean 😢
  2. she is beautiful but those tattoos makes me think she will look like Candy Brooke soon ... not her best session but still cute love the cover
  3. that's what happen when you taken-free and looking for cheap attention to give a boost. unfortunately this will cost community more than his arrest and 'career' sink
  4. New single from upcoming album Chip Tooth Smile. 26th of April
  5. isrobi

    Janet Jackson Ann Marie Camilla Dua Lipa Kesha
  6. isrobi


    Now I know why Nathaniel Ruess produces this song
  7. isrobi


    I thought I would like it but this song goes nowhere Sounds a bit like Some Nights by Fun.
  8. isrobi

    She is not an icon not a legend She might become an icon but title Legend isn’t for here she will never reach this level
  9. isrobi

    General News

    Diet Coke killed him ...