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  1. with less than two days ...whew her mind and power
  2. isrobi


    Has nothing to do with it i love her her vice etc but only two songs on this album are good because they are more pop then rest of the album is nothing to handle tbh she is incredibly talented but I prefer her in pop music that’s all
  3. isrobi

    Where is her bf?
  4. isrobi

  5. isrobi


    promo has started
  6. isrobi

    May I ask you question - Where this hate for Madge comes from? I bet this song will grow on you after the music video premiere...
  7. isrobi

    The music video it’s going to be amazing
  8. isrobi

    Slow down papi 1, 2 cha cha cha ay ay ayyyy This is a massive grower. It's subtle, but the direction is very promising. The visual looks amazing.
  9. isrobi

    Gosh why people are such a winnie (?) Tbh I was hoping for bangers bops etc but this song is a mood, a vibe, a climate... Madge after 36 years is still able to shock and surprise fans and people... trend hoping isnt anything new Maluma is good Madge shows her class and that she is not afraid of risk... When all girlies make the same music they are boring When artist makes music different than use to is awful trend hoping etc What did you expect in her 60’s ? probably will be same situation like with Kylie’s Golden when awful etc and after some time few of you has warmed up etc So chill a bit and enjoy... you should be grateful for new music and something what is not as generic as music nowadays
  10. isrobi


    Disappointed tbh i love her voice but this rap crap after Juice does nothin to me Better in colour is a bop but nothing special
  11. isrobi


    Slow All the Lovers I Believe in You Confide In Me Into the Blue Spinning Around CGYOOMH Dancing