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  1. So I bought 13 Signed CDs iTunes 3 marbled 6 blue signed Whew
  2. I am sooo obsessed with this album 12 CDs Marble Deluxe vinyl CD with Signed print Signed blue vinyl iTunes FLAC
  3. Due in November, Disco promises to be slinky, sexy and actually proper disco. The songs are imbued with that Minogue magic: the woosh of emotion – be it sadness, euphoria, happiness, longing – that the best Kylie songs induce in those who hear them.
  4. I have tried it and taste like a cheap wine tbh nothing groundbreaking
  5. She could make some effort and sign some vinyls
  6. Depends who else is going to release on that day...so how close is going to be ... and how will her singles doing... SS and 2nd single September October and then she will sell 1000 cassettes with her signature which is ridiculous at this point
  7. Because they fucked up with timing .... supposed to be Thursday 00:01am but they put the store out 10pm Wednesday
  8. https://store.hmv.com/store/music/vinyl/disco-transparent-blue-vinyl