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  1. Robi


    Kylie of the decade Kylie of 2019 Song Chocolate Listened to her 1224 hours 2. Zayn 3. Ben Platt 4. Taylor 5. Sia
  2. Robi

    Lewis Capaldi debut Hypersonic Missiles by Sam Dedicated by Carly The Christmas Present by Robbie You by James
  3. Robi

    Ed Sheeran if I have to pick one Sam Smith is too feminine and camp
  4. Robi

    Camila C Shawn M Sam S Carly Louis Tomlinson Normani Selena Demi
  5. I need studio version
  6. Robi


    All for 6 #1’s album
  7. I wouldn’t have it but looks decent
  8. Robi

    Bad Guy sounds fresh and different Lizzo has Juice song which is much better 7 rings none remembers already