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  1. 3:30 length 25th September
  2. Robi

    This is much better than Chromatica
  3. Robi

    All for TayTay
  4. Robi

    But who is releasing 4 versions of the same song On the release week and all four discounted 59p in the UK? I don’t recall anything like that before. I do know there are examples of second or third week extra song but not 4 in a first week
  5. Robi

    WAP needs to win again... but they added another version on iTunes single,instr7mental,acoustic and edm remix all 59p how desperate
  6. Both British Born so not surprised because VMA are local since 2000 I would say
  7. Mod Notice Don’t break our zero tolerance policy.
  8. Plus I wouldn’t get so excited because apparently if his sister gets his spot she is worst apparently
  9. They debuted #15 in the U.K. and next day #20 so we might find out ..minds are coming today
  10. But they won’t already #20 UK Spotify
  11. Worst Britney Best Justin
  12. As an aside, the next single is more 'obvious'. Don't misunderstand me, it's a fantastic song, but for those of us who like alternative Kylie 'Say Something' is boss. For those wanting something more traditional they'll go for the next track. All extremely subjective.”
  13. Apparently new single out 4th of September