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  1. Robi


    new Kylie’s logo has been taken from her official store apparently new song I called Say Something and is coming 23rd of July... all this to be confirmed soon
  2. Robi


    This is still a conclusion because in two interview or articles about new Kylie music ...they called new album Kylie so two different newspapers would not made the same mistake
  3. Robi


    So new single will be called Don’t ever forget me or Don’t forget me Karen Poole co-wrote it Photoshoot’s been done already at different locations Album will be called Kylie Her new album is old fashion disco why the fuck this forum has section for Selena Gomez, Halsey or Rihanna and Mariah or even Britney but not for Kylie?
  4. Ben Platt in London June the 15th last year
  5. None ever will... FN is better album, cohesive and enjoyable Teenage Dream had few good songs, better promo and radio support in the States... two different eras and different times
  6. Robi

    Music Video

    Better than BMH crap where there were trying make her look like some 12 yo girl is not perfect but funny and catches your eye and this Nostalgia reference to old cartoons from Disney cute concept and considering times we living in ... someone did very well... enjoyable
  7. Some music stars will never get no.1 again or any
  8. This is an age thing. Until your priorities change and music isn’t as important as used. You music changes with age as well.
  9. Robi


    radio edit 2:35 extended mix 5:53
  10. just cannot wait for her remixed album and deluxe edition whew