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  1. Robi

    the way she is trying hard to stay relevant first PReleationship with Shawn and Senorita three or four flop songs and now this
  2. Robi

    GaGa was making different type of music ... I know pop but still different plus she was new debut with idea how to get attention TD was her third album or at least second album when she didn’t suffer from this sophomore album curse TD was is and will be album of the 10’ if not more and nothing will take this prize and legendary era from her
  3. Robi

    She had like 6 #1 from one album so yeah she still is even if underperforming
  4. Robi


    Gosh I didn’t realise that tomorrow is the 11th of October not the 18th
  5. Robi


    Where is this album?
  6. Gosh she look gorgeous here 😍😍😍
  7. Robi


    Btw it’s weird there is no pre order on iTunes I mean it says Not available in the U.K. store
  8. Robi


    just pre ordered this ! Cannot wait! Beautiful vinyl
  9. Robi


    Coldplay will make a sensational comeback with a brand-new album next month. It’s four years since Chris Martin ’s band released A Head Full Of Dreams and they have been on holiday hiatus since the accompanying tour ended two years ago. But I can reveal Coldplay will make a surprise return with a new LP at the end of November – AND it’s the first part of a double header. The quartet are said to be repeating the success of their Ghost Stories/A Head Full Of Dreams releases by dropping an arty LP first ahead of a more mainstream pop collection the following year. An insider spilled: “The first album is the more experimental side of Coldplay, they probably won’t tour until 2020 when the next one arrives.” Cannot wait! Ghost Stories is their best album to date so far!
  10. On oublie le reste iTunes: #1 France #1 Lebanon #8 Belgium #38 Spain #51 Switzerland #73 Australia #88 Netherlands #123 United Kingdom #172 Mexico #363 Italy #372 South Africa actually is #111 in the UK
  11. Considering none knows about it it is good ... I love this song and Kylie french mmm