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  1. beautiful and a bit reminds me Adele Send My Love music video but Kelly looks stunning here 😍 Beautiful woman
  2. Discussion

    IMA is hmm I don’t wanna say annoying but irritating Speakerphone robotic.. not very inventive tbh
  3. Discussion

    The One and Like a Drug I only use
  4. @Aidan. may you do me favour and update OP please
  5. ATRL has better moderators more mature ish users from around the world but they hate Male artists even more I have been banned 4 times for 2 months for posting only emoticon and after last time I’m not going there anymore they all lives in their own bubble not to mention racism
  6. Very talented guy and underrated doesnt need to flash his tittis or ass to get good respond from people.. @petedagrk is pointless to even try explain why you like him or his music ... unfortunately this forum becomes another ATRL or PopJustice... full of phags and kids who loves their faves and will die for them with smile on their faces and shouting loud - a Legend or an Icon....
  7. Another cute song... unnecessary feat...she is so ...bland
  8. Single

    This song is wow Xtinas younger sister released her first massive hit...
  9. Event

    I was there... and I didn’t enjoy it ... the country vibe doesn’t suits her unfortunately
  10. Buahahaha the delulu people there.. this is never gonna happen... if she sells more than 40k will be success in the UK
  11. See you in Manchester Kylie 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  12. All eyes are on us,” he added. “We believe this is going to be the biggest ship of a BMG record in the UK that we’ve ever had. We anticipate that it will be the biggest-selling week one record we’ve ever had on BMG UK.” http://www.musicweek.com/labels/read/kylie-minogue-s-country-tinged-return-promises-new-golden-age-for-bmg/071785