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  1. Does anyone have No Rap version of this ? I can't find it
  2. We are getting video on Monday
  3. Album

    - JAPAN FIRST PRESS DELUXE CD+DVD EDITION of the album "WITNESS" (Catalogue Number: UICC-90006) (please see full tracklist under) - The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.- EXCLUSIVE LINEARNOTES BOOKLET INSERT WITH JAPANESE TRANSLATION OF LYRICS!!! - Japanese OBI STRIP with release details - Made and printed in Japan apparently we are getting 18 tracks there
  4. Album someone is selling them on ebay
  5. Album

    Just bought 3 copies of Witness from The Target with Autographed Poster
  6. What a trash This is worse than Camilla mixed into BonAppetite with Iggy on top Cheryl she better lose this pregnancy fat and show her baby sperm doner how to make less trashy music gUrl Who would think Ed would make even worse music than on DivideOh well
  7. Album*/*/Witness-Exclusive-Deluxe-CD/5JG60000000 I don't know where you from but US has it Australia has it and first link is for Katy's official store where you can order Deluxe Edition from I hope it helps
  8. Album

    Target edition is with a Poster are we going to get music video to this ?
  9. Target edition comes with Poster
  10. Album Japan edition with DVD
  11. Album

    Pfff I already know that this album will be her MASTERPIECE
  12. Album Hello US Tatget people Deluxe Edition in Target shops